Friday, January 23, 2009


The little lighthouse was given to me by my daddy. My sister and I were both given one. It is lenox and when you open it up it has a lighthouse charm inside. It is done in cream and pink. I thought it was wonderful that he would, being the father, give his daughters a lighthouse..which represents God the Father. The plate is Thomas Kinkade...Keeper of the Light...signed and numbered.....50cents at a garage sale...trimmed in gold..........I love it so much...and the little girl and Yesterday's Child....The Dollstone Collection....she is all dressed up in her mother's clothes...and I bought it...the only one I bought in the series because the little girl is named my daughter's name....and she is holding the cutest purse that hangs from a chain.The detail on such a small piece is just amazing. The lamp is from the Crosa Collection...I paid $3.00 for her 7 years ago at an auction house going out of business and she has such beautiful detail and I loved the beaded fringe on the frosted globe.

This was a floral wreath I made for our home office. To the roses I add two drops of my favorite mulberry oil and it smells heavenly. I love to make wreaths.
I am still learning how all this blogging format works as I have trouble putting the pictures where I want them....where they are spaced out instead of lined up like taxi's waiting to take people from the airport. I know in a year I will look back and laugh at these first few posts but they will always be special because it was such an awesome learning experience.

I was raised to love flowers of every kind. My grandmother had beautiful roses, snowball bushes and a lilac bush that was so fragrant it made the bees come all the way from Texas, just to drink from its' nectar. (now that part is just not so but it made for a good

My mother and daddy love flowers and have maintained a park-like yard for years. (that part is sooo true--they have a beautiful yard) We have toted enough rocks and driftwood home from Arkansas over my years of growing up to say, "We own a small part of that great state."

My mother'n'law loves flowers and a beautiful yard but I give all the glory to her because my daddy'n'law's heart just is not in his yard....Golf and Grandchildren....well so is Mother Ragan's but she loves her flowers and she has a green thumb.

I, married a sweet man who loves to work in the yard, or did two back surgeries ago. We have left flowerbeds and strawberries every house we have ever moved from....roses, clematis, lilac, wisteria, canna's, cone flowers, we especially love wild flowers, and morning glories, and rocks...lots of pretty rocks and wind chimes and know....those of you who love flowers

I have another love and that is floral arranging. My mother loves to arrange daughter loves to arrange flowers. My daughter is a sunflower and daisy girl. She has sunflowers all through her house.

My sister has a beautiful yard in Phoenix...she has real green grass...(When I went to visit I was amazed at the people who had green astro turf on their yards)...beautiful roses and sister does all her own yard work as her husband has allergies but I'll tell you a "secret".....shhh...she likes having the power of that tiff mower because he keeps all his tools locked up and she has to check-out a hammer or screw driver like you would a book from the huh...that's what I'm saying...........





  1. You had my attention the minute I saw "lighthouse" and then Thomas Kinkaid!!! (smiles) I have a few lighthouses myself, but none as special as yours. That is a precious gift from your Father. Something to be cherished.
    I love anything Thomas Kinkade. I have some of his books, prints, and a tea cup. I love the fact that he is a Christian man and artist that loves his family, and has been able to show the LIGHT through his talents...
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Beautiful Blessings~Kelly Maria

  2. It is such fun to read your blog. I love your decorating style. It is such fun to look through the window (pictures) of someone else's house. Thank your for a moment of beauty and joy

  3. Hi Debbie, thanks for coming by to visit my blog, you will love getting aquaited with the bloging world. Hope you have a wonderful week

  4. Your treasures are BEAUTIFUL! and soo special too! Thank you for sharing! Your photos are WONDERFUL! i miss green grass, living here in the desert! we get some PRETTy flowers in the spring but most of the year it is just color of sand. hehe Your families yards sounds AMAZING! :D
    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  5. You do have pretty Pinks....I love the wreath you made...very creative and the light house what a beauiful treasure from your Dad....
    Mo :-)

  6. Debbie... just stopping by quickly to say hi and happy pink saturday a day late... still decorating/decluttering my office... I'm tired! thanks for sweet comments on Panda's pink mani/pedi... i love those pics... Dixie

  7. NOW I know what happened to the rocks in Arkansas!!! They've been transported to another location! I just giggled over that! My folks (and me) were from Ark. They moved to MO when I was little---and over the years of visiting, someone always found a great rock to bring home (usually a fossil of some kind--or an arrowhead). My mom and dad were able to move back to Ark after they retired and those were the happiest days for them.
    I loved the stories about each of the special items on your lighthouse table. Dana

  8. A really sweet blog! I doubt others decorate just to please you and besides, Dad's can be like that..yeah...they can! :) Maybe teasing you a bit? :)


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