Friday, January 16, 2009


This is Moi Chef Friend.......

He is alot of fun to cook with but he keeps his recipes a secret...He will not share his know the type..."oh you just add a dash of this and a dot of that and a pinch of this"...yeah...I figured you knew the type...and my pinch and my dot and my dash never produced that. It was, well, maybe the birds will eat it! and then you look outside and even the squirrels are making obscene gestures at the house....I know but I refuse to apologize to a squirrel! They get what they get. My daddy doesn't like them anyway...they keep hauling off his pecans.

Going out the door of our kitchen into our garage, my beautiful daughter, Amy, has painted me a life size chef. He is so unexpected and has charmed many a visitor. I will post pictures of the kitchen at a later date but I wanted to show my chef today...I have chefs, roosters, rolling pins, jars of cookie cutters, a coca cola machine, and a booth. I love vintage dishes and have a 100 year old bowl...I think they call it blue only has blue stripes around the top???? I just love it.

The wall by the door of the painted chef has a peg becomes a hang-all...hats...jackets...bags of old shopping name it...they will try to hang it there. I thought about hanging myself there one day to see if they would notice but I was afraid I couldn't get down and they would leave me hanging....or worse yet, I would pull the wall down and the news-paper would give me headline attention......obese woman trapped under wall of house she knocked over....I wonder if that is covered by insurance............just a giggle

Home is where we surround ourselves with the warmth of family, listening to the laughter, knowing the tears will heal through prayer, safety is always found and unconditional love will always be found even in the times there are consquences for our actions. Home is where we teach our children to soar even knowing it means our nest will be empty for a season.

Thank you Father God for loving us enough to provide the way for us to have an eternal home where there will be no tears, no sickness, and love forever. I thank you Jesus, for being that "provision". Amen


  1. I am SO HAPPY you stopped by and left me a message so I could find you. I LOVE your chef and the fact that your daughter painted it makes it very special....she is indeed talented. I can't wait to see more pictures of your kitchen. I'll be visiting you again. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. What a talented daughter you have! I love the French Chef theme.. though I don't have it in my kitchen... but I did almost buy French Chef Salt and Pepper this week at Hobby Lobby... I've been thinkin' about them ever since.. what do you bet I go back and buy them today! If I do, I'll post a pic...

    and Debbie... no hangin yourself in the kitchen! Who'd do all the cookin' and cleanin'!
    Hugs... Dixie


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