Friday, January 30, 2009


A beautiful yellow rose of "friendship," for Michelle from my sister Sherry's garden in Phoenix, Arizona. I won the drawing for Michelle's 200th post . You can click on to her blog under the list of my blogs or her blog address is
I don't know how you all do that "thing" where you put the blog's name and you just click on the name and the url does not show...I'm still learning.

When I found Michelle's Blog I was so excited because first...I love art work and second I love birds. I saw that she was having a drawing and like all the other drawings I entered but did not expect to win. I have never...never won anything. Some of you I have told that I will put a link to your blog because I want to remember to go back and say hi at least several times a week, and I know other people will be blessed by your blogs. Michelle I wanted to remember because her artwork is divine and I don't think I even told her I would put a link to her blog so I would get an extra ticket in the drawing. I am just in shock I won.

I shared with her that it is a "desire of my heart" to see a "Bluebird" in person and I have not as of this day.

I began to think (a dangerous thing for me) why it was so important to me to see a "Bluebird." Yes, they are very pretty and sweet...but there are lots of pretty and sweet things in nature...the Goldfinch, the Sparrow, the Redbird, the Baltimore Oriole, the precious Hummingbird, and Roses and Morning Glories, and Irises, and Tulips.....but I have seen all of those but not the "Bluebird!"

THE BLUEBIRD OF dawned on me...kinda silly really, when I thought about it. It was the bird of HAPPINESS and I couldn't see it. Some people over the years even had them in their yard and they were not that joyous over it, and I would wonder what was the matter with them. You have the "Bluebird of Happiness" living in your yard and you are not happy. WHY?

Today it dawned on me...I may not have seen the Bluebird of Happiness but it is the Treasures in Life that are really the only "Bluebird of Happiness" I need.

My JESUS that loves me, Both my Parents and my husband's Parents are alive and I think they love have a husband that loves me...two beautiful only precious brother...Aunts...Uncles...In laws...Nieces and Nephews, I adore...Cousins especially my favorite, Suzie...dearest friends,my only sister Sherry, Robbi, Doris and Tawna...but not just them I have met some very special Bluebirds, since starting this humble blog. I love meeting people, I love to pray for people, and I like to encourage them by sharing God's word.

Dixie, at French Lique Texas, you were the first to befriend me here in the Blog World. I thank you so very much. You and everyone else are my Beautiful Bluebirds. I am so Blessed. I look so forward to meeting more Bluebirds. Happy! Happy! I pray you are all blessed with happiness today, and everyday...even on the days we have to "choose" to be Happy.

Please visit Michelle's blog , you will be so blessed. She paints the most beautiful birds that have the sweetest expressions on their faces. I think she paints them as God actually saw them on the very day he created them. Beautiful Work, Michelle. Thank You once again for drawing my name.




~ROMANS 12:12-13


  1. BEAUTIFUL rose and WAY to go on winning too!! :D
    You are sooo Blessed! but if you really want to see a Bluebird, perhaps if you build a Bluebird nesting box (which isn't hard) they will come! now i am not sure where you live either but it's worth a shot! They are BEAUTIFUL and so are you! :D Thanks for sharing the link, i am going over to check it out! :D Hope you have a FANTASTIC Friday!

  2. This is a beautiful post. Have a Blessed wekend...m.

  3. Good morning my friend, What a great surprise to see you had stopped by and left such kind words.. This is a beautiful post my friend, I look forward to visiting the blog you listed.. have a super day.. hugs ~lynne~

  4. Thank you for coming by, you have a very nice blog site and I will be back. I put you on my left side bar, have a nice weekend.

  5. very nice post, and that rose is beautiful. funny, I see bluebirds almost daily. they come to our feeders. i think i've learned to take them for granted..just like the cardinals.

  6. Sweet Debbie, Thank you for your indearing words and for visiting my blog, you have a very kind heart dear friend!
    I saw my bluebird today.... it was you! :-)

    Have a blessed day,
    Hugz, Dolly

  7. What a sweet heart you have, Debbie!! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting 'cause now I can visit you, too!!

    This post is precious! I look forward to getting to know you better!! And I have to go see Michelle's birds!!

    Have a sunny weekend!!

  8. Just wanted to pop by and say Hi, and thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, I love your visits. TTFN

  9. Congratulations on you win! How lucky you are. I saws Michelle's topiary felting and her swallows. She does a great job.
    It was so nice to have you visit my blog and leave me a comment. Wonderful to meet new friends here.
    enjoy your evening and come back soon.

  10. Congratulations on you win! How lucky you are. I saws Michelle's topiary felting and her swallows. She does a great job.
    It was so nice to have you visit my blog and leave me a comment. Wonderful to meet new friends here.
    enjoy your evening and come back soon.

  11. Congrats on your win girl lucky is nice to have you come by..have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. Debbie
    First time visitor I love and your post for today is very touching. Another new friend in the blogging world. This is what makes Pink Saturday so great finding new friends.
    Congrats on your win. I am not one of the winners on the giveaways either so I just stopped registering..
    Have A Great Day..

  13. Hi Debbie~ Such a sweet blog...thank you so much for all of your kind words!
    I love to share my birds~ I'm praying you do get to see a bluebird soon. We have 3 bluebird houses. Wrens own one~ every summer a sweet pair come to one. A Chickadee started a nest...but never returned. We had 2 broods of bluebirds in the 3rd one. Do you have a lot of English Sparrows? They are a bit selfish toward Bluebirds. NY State (BB's are our state bird) put information out on why our BB population was quickly dwindling 20+ years ago...English Sparrows were top on the list. ES take over their nests as the BB's are building. ES are aggressive & numerous. We had a neighbor that helped us learn the difference in nests early on...she had 8 BB houses!!!! New York State put BB houses on canal trails, field edges etc. Growing up, BB's would build nests in old wooden fence the posts, farms & countryside changed, our BB's went away. SO THRILLED they are back. You will see one soon...they're soooo vibrant & sweet.
    Have you every seen an Indigo Bunting? They look electric!
    Wishing you the best of weekends...

  14. I love birds too. Always have a feeder out for them with lots of sunflower seeds. Now I have a new visitor this winter--a brown rabbit. He likes to eat the fallen seeds around the feeder. Go figure!

  15. Hi Debbie,
    What a sweet post! I love birds too. This time of year I get lots of chickadees at my feeders.
    Have a lovely weekend.


  16. I just stopped by to visit your Pink Saturday post. I'll try to stop by again later.

  17. Hi Debbie!I'm so glad you stopped by my blog to say "Hi" and let me know you are here. I've been reading some of your stuff this morning and I already know I love you! I will be back to visit!

  18. Hi Debbie, I have to mention, I love my birds inside and the birds outside. I'm a faithful feeder for them for so many years from many places I have live at. I have to tell you a sad story about a bluebird family I had nesting in my yard. I never did quite get over it, even to this day. The male bluebird was checking out the area and decided to nest in the bluebird house....Before he settled down, this little guy was so cute, he would always check inside the window of our car looking in as if he wanted to nest inside the vehicle. He would sing so beautifully and was so proud getting the best food for his babies. My husband and I always spent a lot of time hanging around outside and became very attached to him and his family. I think he felt the same way about us. To make the long story short. One morning I found him and the little ones ate up, by a raccoon that evening. When I discovered this I was so torn up inside, I wanted to scream why. Just a little later the female came around to check it out, and never came back again. That was the most heart wrenching experience I'll never forget. My husband and I rent and didn't realize the bird house wasn't screwed up tight enough for any critter to get inside.

  19. How lovely! Congrats on your win, and I love your bird story. :-)

    I came by to wish you a Happy Pink Saturday! :-)



  20. Hello! It was so nice that you won the give away! I have known Michelle for a few months via blogging-what a sweet friend she is! She is a very accomplished artist-I love her work. We live not that far from each other, so maybe someday...
    I think bluebird houses are your best bet too. We have them even now (not to be confused with Bluejays, which are blue, and very beautiful also) but we only hear them singing their little song as they fly around near our yard. They love old apple orchards for nesting too, so that's why we have so many of them I think. We also have quite a few robins that over-winter here. We are close to Seneca Lake, which makes the temps just a bit more favorable for the birds. If you searched Cornell Ornithology Lab on google, you'd have a lot of bluebird info.
    Take care!

  21. Congratulations! I haven't won anything yet, but I'll keep trying!

    I had a rather "kindred spirit connection" feeling when I read your blog, because just a half hour ago I was sitting by my Birding Window (my dining room window where I have my bird book, binoculars, coffee cup and chair! Will post on this later...) and a pair of Bluebirds were checking out the birdhouse! I got a couple of pics (always try to have the camera right THERE!)...seems early for them to be checking out their nesting sites. I am SO new to this area in MS that it is a joy to see such beautiful birds be interested in living so close to our home. By the way, whoever owned this home before us LOVED to construct birdhouses because we have quite a few in the old garage. How lucky for us!

    It's true the you have treasures in your life, but I hope that you can one day count seeing the Bluebird as one of them.

    I've noticed quite a few posts here from people who love birds and I want to go back visit their blogs...

    You're a gem!!


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