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We are 10 days into the NEW YEAR and I wonder how many people have already broken their NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION. I usually do not make a resolution because I open myself up for disappointment in myself if I break that resolution.....
BUT this year was different.........

HEALTH must be at the top of my list. I must lose weight, as I am a diabetic and my blood sugars are off the chart.

I was watching the Neil Cavuto show....he was interviewing this woman and you know how you are doing something else but one ear is tuned to the I did not catch the woman's name but I am sooooo very glad I am not her friend....she said..."DUMP ALL YOUR "FAT" FRIENDS AND HANG OUT WITH THE SKINNY B**##*#"...........(She could not even address "skinny" women by an appropriate name) NEIL ASK HER, "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME YOU REALLY HAVE NO "FAT" FRIENDS OR IF YOU DO, YOU JUST DUMP THEM!" THE ANSWER SHE GAVE COULD HAVE KNOCKED ME OVER WITH A FEATHER!

SHE SAID, " WELL YOU DON'T WANT TO DUMP THEM RIGHT AWAY BUT IMMEDIATELY STOP HANGING OUT WITH THEM AND JUST TALK TO THEM BRIEFLY OVER THE PHONE." She went on to say that being "fat" is contagious.........that you become what you hang out don't hang out with a drug don't hang out with an alcoholic....and you don't hang out with a food addict.......she forgot to mention a sexual addict who I guess would be alright as long as they were not "fat"; as we know drugs are illegal and well an alcoholic will tell you they learn in treatment although they are recovered they will always be an alcoholic and I feel being one that has always battled my weight and eat for comfort I will always be a food addict.....but "sex addicts" destroy more lives than any of the other three but they don't have outward signs they have an addiction.(that's a whole other topic and I won't go into it on this blog but the children as well as the spouse and other family members are destroyed and need counseling for any eating disorders, drug addictions, and alcoholism.

She even went on to say to leave your "fat" spouse as it is urgent to your health to stay "skinny".....I have heard it all now, for reasons to divorce your spouse. Being a nurse I know of lots of underweight people who were/are not healthy...............I know lots of underweight women who were/are married to overweight guys and they never became "fat," and vice versa......I am overweight and it has not made my husband "fat"......I tease him because his arms are extra long...I told him they were that way because God knew he was going to marry this short "fat" gal and he would always be able to get his arms around her.......

It is true we are a nation full of obese people but please don't mistreat your friends because they are "fat". If you see an overweight person out in public, be thankful they are out and walking around, getting exercise...they could be at home gaining weight from lack of exercise. Say a little prayer for them that God will bless them with the desire to become healthly and send motivating friends to encourage them.

I addressed this topic because I have been called "fat" all my life. Obese people are the only ones that take abuse from the world and they can't/don't say anything about it....I have heard some horrible "fat" jokes. I don't in any way feel sorry for myself....even though my metabolism is slow I know it takes eating a 1,000 calories more than you need to gain one pound. I addressed this topic because I was soooo shocked some would say to ditch your friends and dump your spouse if they are "fat" because it is "catching" and she is the one that used the word "fat." Look it up on Neil Cavuto for last wednesday or thursday. I do not want to see anyone made fun of or hurt in any way. WE "ALL" BATTLE SOME DEAMON IN OUR LIFE...SOMETHING WE WISH WE COULD GET RID OF. NO OVERWEIGHT PERSON IS TRULY HAPPY TO BE OVERWEIGHT. IN THIS UNCERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME WITH PEOPLE LOOSING THEIR JOBS AND HOMES AND EMOTIONS ARE RUNNING HIGH LET'S LIFT EACH OTHER UP AND GIVE HOPE AND INSPIRATION.

Let me know what you think about this topic.



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