Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is my precious Angel On My Front Porch in her pink scarf. She loves Pink Saturday.

This is my beautiful DIL, Megan posing for Pink Saturday, with our grandson Nova the Yorkie. It was not as brr outside today but it was the only pink shirt Megan had with her. Thanks Megan for posing for Pink Saturday

This is my daughter's Great Dane Gracie in her pink scarf

Thank You Beverly for being such a wonderful Hostess of Pink Saturday. If you would like to participate in Pink Saturday please click on the button in the right hand column that says Pink Saturday and it will take you to Beverly's Blog where you can obtain all the information.
Thank You all for stopping by to see me on Pink Saturday.

Friday, January 30, 2009


A beautiful yellow rose of "friendship," for Michelle from my sister Sherry's garden in Phoenix, Arizona. I won the drawing for Michelle's 200th post . You can click on to her blog under the list of my blogs or her blog address is
I don't know how you all do that "thing" where you put the blog's name and you just click on the name and the url does not show...I'm still learning.

When I found Michelle's Blog I was so excited because first...I love art work and second I love birds. I saw that she was having a drawing and like all the other drawings I entered but did not expect to win. I have never...never won anything. Some of you I have told that I will put a link to your blog because I want to remember to go back and say hi at least several times a week, and I know other people will be blessed by your blogs. Michelle I wanted to remember because her artwork is divine and I don't think I even told her I would put a link to her blog so I would get an extra ticket in the drawing. I am just in shock I won.

I shared with her that it is a "desire of my heart" to see a "Bluebird" in person and I have not as of this day.

I began to think (a dangerous thing for me) why it was so important to me to see a "Bluebird." Yes, they are very pretty and sweet...but there are lots of pretty and sweet things in nature...the Goldfinch, the Sparrow, the Redbird, the Baltimore Oriole, the precious Hummingbird, and Roses and Morning Glories, and Irises, and Tulips.....but I have seen all of those but not the "Bluebird!"

THE BLUEBIRD OF dawned on me...kinda silly really, when I thought about it. It was the bird of HAPPINESS and I couldn't see it. Some people over the years even had them in their yard and they were not that joyous over it, and I would wonder what was the matter with them. You have the "Bluebird of Happiness" living in your yard and you are not happy. WHY?

Today it dawned on me...I may not have seen the Bluebird of Happiness but it is the Treasures in Life that are really the only "Bluebird of Happiness" I need.

My JESUS that loves me, Both my Parents and my husband's Parents are alive and I think they love have a husband that loves me...two beautiful only precious brother...Aunts...Uncles...In laws...Nieces and Nephews, I adore...Cousins especially my favorite, Suzie...dearest friends,my only sister Sherry, Robbi, Doris and Tawna...but not just them I have met some very special Bluebirds, since starting this humble blog. I love meeting people, I love to pray for people, and I like to encourage them by sharing God's word.

Dixie, at French Lique Texas, you were the first to befriend me here in the Blog World. I thank you so very much. You and everyone else are my Beautiful Bluebirds. I am so Blessed. I look so forward to meeting more Bluebirds. Happy! Happy! I pray you are all blessed with happiness today, and everyday...even on the days we have to "choose" to be Happy.

Please visit Michelle's blog , you will be so blessed. She paints the most beautiful birds that have the sweetest expressions on their faces. I think she paints them as God actually saw them on the very day he created them. Beautiful Work, Michelle. Thank You once again for drawing my name.




~ROMANS 12:12-13

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


If you would like to PARTICIPATE IN WORDLESS WEDNESDAY click on the "Wordless Wednesday" button in the upper right hand side and it will take you to Ms. Dixie's Blog: French Lique Texas and sign up with Mr. Linky. Each week it is a different theme and this week it is "Garden."

Thank You Doris for letting me use the picture of your beautiful Irises

Thank You Graphic Fairy for the beautiful graphic of the Baltimore Oriole

THANK YOU Ms. Dixie for hosting Wordless Wednesday. You are a great hostess.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Monday's child is fair of face.
Tuesday's child is full of grace.
Wednesday's child is loving and giving.
Thursday's child works hard for a living,
Friday's child is full of woe.
Saturday's child has far to go.
But the child that is born on Sabbath-day
Is bonny and happy and wise and gay.





"DESTINY" is not a matter of chance, It is a matter of choice,

It is not a thing to be waited for,


~William Jennings Bryan

WHAT IS MONDAY'S CHILD___________as the little poem says?????

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

~JAMES 4:10

All of you precious friends that have been in the frozen tundra of snow, while others of us have been enjoying a rather mild winter for us....take heart! Oklahoma, my great state, Texas, another great state, and the wonderful state of Arkansas, which has beautiful lakes and is the birth place of Mother and Daddy Ragan...are going to be getting an ice storm today. Snow would be great, but as we all know, ice does so much damage...slick travel is already developing in Southwest Oklahoma and around Norman, Oklahoma.
I'm not saying that any of us would ever wish ice on anyone but it is only fair to share a little of what you cold states have endured. I just do not like the cold. It makes my bones ache....and I pray for the homeless people and for the poor little animals that have been just left to find a place to warm. I will say just one thing...don't be upset with the little dogs and cats that tear at your trash sacks...they are only mad at the owners who have abandoned them.

Let's all stay warm and BLOG...BLOG...BLOG



Sunday, January 25, 2009


The other night my DH and I listened to an old message that Billy Graham gave from the great state of Ohio.The message was about The Prodigal Son. I was taking notes and so these are my words. I cannot deliver a Billy Graham message, anointed of God, but it is the basis of the story he told.

A boy was soon to graduate from high school. He wanted a new car for graduation.

He went with his dad from car dealership to car dealership looking for just the right car.

Finally that magical day came. He found the car of his dreams and he was happy.

Graduation evening came and afterwards his dad presented him with his graduation present..."Just A Bible."

The son threw the Bible down on his bed and he left home never to speak or visit his dad again.

The years passed and he received word his dad had died. Upon arriving at the family home to make preparations for his dads' funeral, he walked into his old bedroom. Everything was just the same as the day he walked out so long ago including the Bible he had angrily tossed on his bed. Tears began to flow as he remembered that night.

He opened the Bible up and inside was a cashier check, dated the day of his graduation, with the total sum of money he needed to buy his car...the car he wanted more than anything else. The car that he wanted more than just a relationship with his dad.

Oh how tragic my friends! His father provided the very thing he wanted the most...inside of what he would need the most long after that car was gone...and he rejected it all...simply because of the wrapper it was presented in.

Our Father God has given us "EVERYTHING" we will ever need when in "FAITH" we accept the package...JESUS CHRIST... and in FAITH simply believe and call upon His Name.

Thank you, my dear friends, for sharing this sabbath day with me. I know when we give praise to the LORD on Sunday our week is better, our attitudes are friendlier and we are more sensitive to those in need.





"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth.

~ROMANS 1:16

Friday, January 23, 2009


The little lighthouse was given to me by my daddy. My sister and I were both given one. It is lenox and when you open it up it has a lighthouse charm inside. It is done in cream and pink. I thought it was wonderful that he would, being the father, give his daughters a lighthouse..which represents God the Father. The plate is Thomas Kinkade...Keeper of the Light...signed and numbered.....50cents at a garage sale...trimmed in gold..........I love it so much...and the little girl and Yesterday's Child....The Dollstone Collection....she is all dressed up in her mother's clothes...and I bought it...the only one I bought in the series because the little girl is named my daughter's name....and she is holding the cutest purse that hangs from a chain.The detail on such a small piece is just amazing. The lamp is from the Crosa Collection...I paid $3.00 for her 7 years ago at an auction house going out of business and she has such beautiful detail and I loved the beaded fringe on the frosted globe.

This was a floral wreath I made for our home office. To the roses I add two drops of my favorite mulberry oil and it smells heavenly. I love to make wreaths.
I am still learning how all this blogging format works as I have trouble putting the pictures where I want them....where they are spaced out instead of lined up like taxi's waiting to take people from the airport. I know in a year I will look back and laugh at these first few posts but they will always be special because it was such an awesome learning experience.

I was raised to love flowers of every kind. My grandmother had beautiful roses, snowball bushes and a lilac bush that was so fragrant it made the bees come all the way from Texas, just to drink from its' nectar. (now that part is just not so but it made for a good

My mother and daddy love flowers and have maintained a park-like yard for years. (that part is sooo true--they have a beautiful yard) We have toted enough rocks and driftwood home from Arkansas over my years of growing up to say, "We own a small part of that great state."

My mother'n'law loves flowers and a beautiful yard but I give all the glory to her because my daddy'n'law's heart just is not in his yard....Golf and Grandchildren....well so is Mother Ragan's but she loves her flowers and she has a green thumb.

I, married a sweet man who loves to work in the yard, or did two back surgeries ago. We have left flowerbeds and strawberries every house we have ever moved from....roses, clematis, lilac, wisteria, canna's, cone flowers, we especially love wild flowers, and morning glories, and rocks...lots of pretty rocks and wind chimes and know....those of you who love flowers

I have another love and that is floral arranging. My mother loves to arrange daughter loves to arrange flowers. My daughter is a sunflower and daisy girl. She has sunflowers all through her house.

My sister has a beautiful yard in Phoenix...she has real green grass...(When I went to visit I was amazed at the people who had green astro turf on their yards)...beautiful roses and sister does all her own yard work as her husband has allergies but I'll tell you a "secret".....shhh...she likes having the power of that tiff mower because he keeps all his tools locked up and she has to check-out a hammer or screw driver like you would a book from the huh...that's what I'm saying...........





On every trip my DH and I have ever taken, I keep a journal. It is full of mileage, gas records, toll receipts, where it was we got lost and not to go that way I always jot down unusual signs, bumper stickers, and so forth.

I like to refer to these signs as an Interstate Chalkboard that conveys an "Intentional Message." Communication purposely intended to convey a message ~whether we agree or disagree with the message. We live in a country that beats to the rhythm of ~FREE SPEECH.~

It was on state 64 in Indiania we passed two ~Intentional Messages.~ The first was a young adult driving a pick-up that had a bumper sticker, "Born to raise hell."

The second ~Intentional Message~ was a semi-truck that said, "Owned and operated by the Grace of God."

Oh that was a powerful message to go rolling down the Interstate.

Although the semi had the wonderful message and the young adult driving the pick-up had a disgusting message, I felt odd....I thought for awhile as we drove. It came to my memory of a time my car was stalled at the intersection of a four way stop. A car with a large rear window sticker stating, "I love Jesus" came flying around me and waved me an ~intentional message~ with his ugly finger and I wondered if the pick-up we just passed that said, "Born to raise hell," could have been a youth pastor or just a christian man that had borrowed the pick-up or had just bought it and didn't even realize about the sticker.

I think that everything that is going on in the government with truths being told of affairs, bribery, prostitution, and so forth God is calling us to "Accountability!" being aware of what we say, what we laugh at, who we hang out with and so forth. Christians are like every one else...we make mistakes...we are not goody-two-shoes but we are trying to be Accountable to Jesus, family, friends, and those in need. We want to make a positive difference.




"For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any doubled-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give "account". Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has gone through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are--yet without sin. Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need."

~HEBREW 4:12-16

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is a beautiful cross stitch that is 15 1/2" x 19"...flawless...I found it in a thrift store about three or four years ago for ".99 cents." I was just walking around, looking and there were some paintings leaned up against the wall that caught my eye. I started looking through them as I love art and there, staring back at me was this beautiful cross stitch..."Well,H-e-l-l-o Benjamin," I said. I could not believe someone would go to that amount of work and it end up in a thrift store for ".99 cents." I told myself to be calm as the thought crossed my mind I could be on candid camera or a victim of a cruel joke.... Such a treasure...I clutched it to my bosom and walked straight to the cashier and paid "gladly"...with joyful utterings that were wanting to squeal real loud...I hung it in my laundry room as I have rabbit planters on a shelf. I would have hung it any way just because I recognized the worth in it...someone decided it no longer had value to them.....think about could have been a kit but if would have to buy your cloth...floss...the pattern...and the can't even take into count your time....all you women out there that are thinking of giving away your completed cross stitch projects...I would gladly adopt them and take care of them......that is why we go through other people's is such treasure to us....

Every time I go into my laundry room I smile and ask the Lord to bless the person that put all those stitches in place to form such a sweet work of art.

You are special...You are beautiful...You are loved...May the sunshine kiss your face and you be "blessed" as you have inspired me through your beautiful, awesome blogs.



"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."

~MATTHEW 7: 7-8


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


President Barack Obama has studied President Lincoln. They say he has read and re-read President Lincoln's Inaugural Address. There is a very neat blog named xashee corner. She is like the Oprah Winfrey of the blogging community for listing interesting blogs to visit.
One of the places she suggested visiting was the site:

Paul Smith was born in Philadelphia on September 21, 1921 and died June 25, 2007. He was born with muscular dystrophy and was never given a formal education but placed within was a Gift from God. A typewriter showed him his purpose and he lived a full life.

The picture Of President Lincoln was made on the typewriter using just these keys:
@ # $ % ^ & * ( ) -
can you imagine...when typing he used his left hand to steady his right one. They said he also taught himself to play chess and he loved the game so, he would drop any project for the opportunity to play. Please visit his website and look at his gallery of pictures...he did one of The Last Supper that is just awesome...Typed Art...I didn't have time to research it but I would imagine there are just a handfull of these artists.

President-Elect Barack Obama becomes our 44th President today. I have mixed emotions because I did not vote for him. They say it is good to not have a blog where you open yourself up for debate or hate mail. I have never been one to ever beat around the bush about anything...but today I won't scare any birds out of the blueberry bush...because after all when President George W. Bush was elected again four years ago...they said, "let's be frugal on the money spent on party celebrations!" The same Democrats said for President-Elect Barack Obama...(when the economy is the worst ever)....let's pull out all stops and party! party! party! to a tune of 150 million dollars.

So with that I will just say, it is biblical to pray for those who are in authority over us...thus I will be praying every day for President Obama, his beautiful wife, Michelle, and those precious daughters Malia and Sasha. I want President Obama to suceed as that means America will suceed and if we keep "IN GOD WE TRUST," we will be a "blessed" nation.
have a blessed day my friends
come back real soon

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some Mascots That Hang Out In My Kitchen

This is on top of the corner cabinet opposite my sassy hen.

This is my sweet little chicken that guards the kitchen from her roost atop the kitchen cabinet. She can be sassy.

This is my husband's coca cola machine. It was a top loading that only held bottles and you would put your money in and then slide your bottle out. We bought it many years ago at a fancy-dancy clothing store that went out of business after years of service to the community...It was called Lamberts. I love vintage doilies, little crocheted dresses, hankies....the Rooster on the shelf is 25 years old that I have had him...he came from a garage sale and he has beautiful glass eyes...He was my first Rooster. The one
on the coca cola machine is a pitcher my daughter bought for me two years ago.

My kitchen has three windows. My favorite and only sister, Sherry, made my curtains for me on her trip home from Arizona. She purchased all the red fringe they had and soooo..we curtain does not have fringe.

In front of this window where you see what looks like a green cactus floating in the air is our booth....we don't use it as I thought we would and I keep plants on top of it as the window receives the southern sunlight and the plants love well as my cats for sunbathing....I don't blame them..if I was small enough I would hop up there and sunbathe...I did hop up there once but that is another story, for another time....naw...some things are better left unsaid.
It is my dream to one day have a red gas of those fancy things that cost so much money.........a girl can dream....I have redecorated my kitchen a thousand times over.

Friday, January 16, 2009


This is Moi Chef Friend.......

He is alot of fun to cook with but he keeps his recipes a secret...He will not share his know the type..."oh you just add a dash of this and a dot of that and a pinch of this"...yeah...I figured you knew the type...and my pinch and my dot and my dash never produced that. It was, well, maybe the birds will eat it! and then you look outside and even the squirrels are making obscene gestures at the house....I know but I refuse to apologize to a squirrel! They get what they get. My daddy doesn't like them anyway...they keep hauling off his pecans.

Going out the door of our kitchen into our garage, my beautiful daughter, Amy, has painted me a life size chef. He is so unexpected and has charmed many a visitor. I will post pictures of the kitchen at a later date but I wanted to show my chef today...I have chefs, roosters, rolling pins, jars of cookie cutters, a coca cola machine, and a booth. I love vintage dishes and have a 100 year old bowl...I think they call it blue only has blue stripes around the top???? I just love it.

The wall by the door of the painted chef has a peg becomes a hang-all...hats...jackets...bags of old shopping name it...they will try to hang it there. I thought about hanging myself there one day to see if they would notice but I was afraid I couldn't get down and they would leave me hanging....or worse yet, I would pull the wall down and the news-paper would give me headline attention......obese woman trapped under wall of house she knocked over....I wonder if that is covered by insurance............just a giggle

Home is where we surround ourselves with the warmth of family, listening to the laughter, knowing the tears will heal through prayer, safety is always found and unconditional love will always be found even in the times there are consquences for our actions. Home is where we teach our children to soar even knowing it means our nest will be empty for a season.

Thank you Father God for loving us enough to provide the way for us to have an eternal home where there will be no tears, no sickness, and love forever. I thank you Jesus, for being that "provision". Amen

Thursday, January 15, 2009


This beautiful clematis can be found in the yard of my dear friend Doris. Her home, family and flowers are what makes her beautiful inside and out. They say you can tell alot about a person by their friends....she makes me look real I will be doing a special on Doris in the months to come. Thank You Doris for sharing your pictures.

It is sooo very cold here today. I am just freezing but I cannot "complain" with the temps that New York, Michigan, and Wisconsin is having. brrrrbrrrr. I was going through my pictures and saw my beautiful white clematis and remembered, SPRING WILL COME AGAIN. I love Spring...all the beautiful tulips, and creeping phlox that looks like a blanket of lavender velvet and all the "sneezing" from the pear trees.....every season has it's little annoying factors but the beauty far out weighs the not sooo pretty. It is such a delight to get out in the flower gardens and to pot plants.

You cannot tell by this particular picture but we have a purple and white clematis that have intertwined among each others branches and it looks like a clematis that produced blooms of white and lavender. It shows off in spring and fall.

"I will lie down in peace and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe."


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

(P) is for Pink, Poodle, Princess, and Pretties

This is a few of my vintage jewelry pieces. I really thought I had more pink pieces than I could find, but a lot of my vintage pieces are either green or amber. I will save the green ones for March. The little lady with the poodle is one of my favorite thrift store finds for fifty cents. I know she is from my birth year.
My husband and I spent some time today filling out fraud papers. It seems that on Sunday someone used our Discover card spending $500.00 at an Apple store in Dallas, Texas. I almost had a stroke when the bank called...but they knew it was seems it is a group of thieves who breached Discover card information and went on shopping sprees from Texas to Alabama....the bank had to spend a long time explaining to me how they could do such a thing when the cards were in our possession at all times...we had to fill out about 12 forms and now wait for our money to be least I thank GOD we will get our money back but these people have no idea how much misery they can cause. If they put as much energy into creating a legal business as they did in stealing identities....they would be legal millionaires....and you can bet no one would breech their business.

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This is a picture of my Mother and Daddy. Are they not a beautiful couple. My Mother loves to shop at thrift stores and junk shops....the thrift shopper does't fall far from the sister, brother, and I love to visit thrift shops.......My mother was at a thrift shop yesterday and she saw a women with a frantic look on her mother loves a good bargain as well as the next person but she knew she never had a look like that on her face...she said this lady was in distress.....she ask her if she could help her and the lady began to cry..."I have lost my billfold and it had $1,300.00 in it." Then my mother began to panic as that was alot of money and she knew she would have been hysterical if she had lost her billfold. Mother ask her to describe what her billfold looked like and to think about everywhere she had been in the store. Suddenly, mother said, the lady remembered she had been looking at a piano....they walked back there and laying beneath the piano in plain sight was her billfold with every penny in it. Mother told her, "The LORD protected your billfold...shielded it from someone finding it and taking the money. The woman told are giving me goosebumps......Mother said the lady grabbed her, hugged her and cried...Thank You sooo very much for helping me. That story when Mother told me, made me cry...first I would not have $1,300.00 but now days you can not afford to loose any money. Mother said she told her to always carry a purse with her billfold in it or a fanny pack as you get busy with your hands looking and you will/could accidentally lay your billfold down. Mother you get the "HELP ONE PERSON A DAY" AWARD.

I wanted to be sure and add a picture of how our little Andy (Andy Pandy) looks all grown up...he is such a handsome boy...he doesn't know he's a shhh...a cat. He is sleeping on my favorite thrift store find...It is stamped made in Italy on the underside and I payed $1.00 for it... he thinks it is his I call him my little Italian cat
"How can I repay the LORD for all his goodness to me?
I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the LORD.
I will fulfill my vows to the LORD in the presence of all his people."
~PSALM 116:12-14

Monday, January 12, 2009


First I would like to take the time to THANK VERY MUCH two very fine and talented women:


who furnished this beautiful graphic.....

and she had a little button you could add to your site but I certainly did something wrong....because I could not even find the area on the blog I could add it. Please if you have not, visit these ladies beautiful will not be disappointed.

who provided the banner for my blog.

I feel alittle like a clown(well I was going to say dunce but the girl in the graphic was too pretty and I would not want to offend anyone) as I try to figure out this blog business. I am still learning and I am sure that people are just so busy with their lives they do not have even a spare minute to answer questions.Time is a precious commodity. I am 53 years old---they didn't have computers when I was in
I have never had a computer class...I was either working....very ill...or taking care of the very ill.

My teacher was my 17 year old son at the time and he had the patience of...a second. I would get stumped...locked up or some silly little thing and wait for him to get home from school...maybe 5 hours and he would say, "I already told you that" and hit a key and off he would try to run. I said, "Oh no! You wait just a minute...I need to write this down, so if I get stuck while you are at play practice I can read what to do." He would be drumming his fingers, balancing a pencil on his nose or bouncing a soccer ball on his knee...."focus son...I need to write this down."

Now he is 25 years old,married, and works full time, and says, I know more than him when really he is playing "stupid" because if it isn't football to is basketball. He changed jobs so he could stay here 3 nights a week to spend time with his sister as she went through chemotherapy and radiation. I admire my daughter'n'law for putting any selfishness aside and letting him spend this time with his sister. She is a jewel I will tell you. Our daughter's life was upset as she lost some independence when she moved home so we could help her through this journey. She found out she had cancer for the second time and had to move in with her parents...that is pretty tough for a 32 year old who loves her freedom....I didn't know if she cried over the cancer or having to move back in with her mother and (listen if you can't joke about cancer and laugh your way to health you are not going to win your battle.)

Today it is very cold here. brrrr.....we were spoiled all last week with beautiful sunny afternoons in the 50's and 60's. I knew it couldn't last but sure thank God for the beautiful days we had.

For those of you who are going through a difficult time right now, please know that you are being prayed for by someone, somewhere and especially here at There's An Angel On My Front Porch. Jesus is close to the brokenhearted and He does hear your prayers. Some times he doesn't always answer when we think he should or how we think he should answer but HIS answer will always be right and right in the nick of time. I know it is true that he will not put any more on us than we can bare but I remember telling him, "Lord, I hope you are right. My knees have folded to the sides." that would make a funny cartoon.

Be blessed


~PSALM 46:10