Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This is a picture of my Mother and Daddy. Are they not a beautiful couple. My Mother loves to shop at thrift stores and junk shops....the thrift shopper does't fall far from the tree...lol...my sister, brother, and I love to visit thrift shops.......My mother was at a thrift shop yesterday and she saw a women with a frantic look on her face...my mother loves a good bargain as well as the next person but she knew she never had a look like that on her face...she said this lady was in distress.....she ask her if she could help her and the lady began to cry..."I have lost my billfold and it had $1,300.00 in it." Then my mother began to panic as that was alot of money and she knew she would have been hysterical if she had lost her billfold. Mother ask her to describe what her billfold looked like and to think about everywhere she had been in the store. Suddenly, mother said, the lady remembered she had been looking at a piano....they walked back there and laying beneath the piano in plain sight was her billfold with every penny in it. Mother told her, "The LORD protected your billfold...shielded it from someone finding it and taking the money. The woman told her...you are giving me goosebumps......Mother said the lady grabbed her, hugged her and cried...Thank You sooo very much for helping me. That story when Mother told me, made me cry...first I would not have $1,300.00 but now days you can not afford to loose any money. Mother said she told her to always carry a purse with her billfold in it or a fanny pack as you get busy with your hands looking and you will/could accidentally lay your billfold down. Mother you get the "HELP ONE PERSON A DAY" AWARD.

I wanted to be sure and add a picture of how our little Andy (Andy Pandy) looks all grown up...he is such a handsome boy...he doesn't know he's a shhh...a cat. He is sleeping on my favorite thrift store find...It is stamped made in Italy on the underside and I payed $1.00 for it... he thinks it is his chair...so I call him my little Italian cat
"How can I repay the LORD for all his goodness to me?
I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the LORD.
I will fulfill my vows to the LORD in the presence of all his people."
~PSALM 116:12-14

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  1. Debbie.. thanks so much for stopping by the French Lique, Texas blog... If you take a look at my "complete profile", at the bottom is the name of another blog that I write... "So God are You Listening?"... you might enjoy that one too.

    I encourage you to just play with your blog. It can be frustrating at times, but it's the easiest way to learn.

    Just in case you haven't figured out how to add a link to certain words or pictures... It's that little frog looking thing on the toolbar at the top of your posting... agive it a try, bet you can figure it out!

    Now, your sweet little mom... and dad (of course). How adorable they are! and I think your Mom was the angel on that particular day.

    blessings... have a blissful day. Dixie

    (now that you know how to post pictures, I hope you'll join us for Wordless Wednesday at French Lique!)


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