Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some Mascots That Hang Out In My Kitchen

This is on top of the corner cabinet opposite my sassy hen.

This is my sweet little chicken that guards the kitchen from her roost atop the kitchen cabinet. She can be sassy.

This is my husband's coca cola machine. It was a top loading that only held bottles and you would put your money in and then slide your bottle out. We bought it many years ago at a fancy-dancy clothing store that went out of business after years of service to the community...It was called Lamberts. I love vintage doilies, little crocheted dresses, hankies....the Rooster on the shelf is 25 years old that I have had him...he came from a garage sale and he has beautiful glass eyes...He was my first Rooster. The one
on the coca cola machine is a pitcher my daughter bought for me two years ago.

My kitchen has three windows. My favorite and only sister, Sherry, made my curtains for me on her trip home from Arizona. She purchased all the red fringe they had and soooo..we curtain does not have fringe.

In front of this window where you see what looks like a green cactus floating in the air is our booth....we don't use it as I thought we would and I keep plants on top of it as the window receives the southern sunlight and the plants love well as my cats for sunbathing....I don't blame them..if I was small enough I would hop up there and sunbathe...I did hop up there once but that is another story, for another time....naw...some things are better left unsaid.
It is my dream to one day have a red gas of those fancy things that cost so much money.........a girl can dream....I have redecorated my kitchen a thousand times over.


  1. I'm so glad you found me, Debbie! I'll add your blog to my list! I LOVE Sarge the cat and his picture is so CUTE! Is he smiling?
    Loved all the tours of your family, your home and the animals. Especially was blessed by the scripture-thank you!
    Love, Debra

  2. Debbie!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment. It was a blessing for sure. I came by to say hello, and have really enjoyed reading your wonderful blog.

    I can already tell we have things in common, examples: I have chickens in my kitchen too! I have 3 min. Schnauzers.... Also have a Great Pyrenesse. I have 2 kitties. One which looks a whole lot like your "sarge" and a new little black kitten who was a rescue pet from the vet. But most of all I can tell that you LOVE THE LORD!!!

    Look forward to many visits with you through "BlogLand".

    Thank you again...

    Beautiful Blessings~Kelly Maria

  3. Hi Deb, Love your chefs....I have some for Christmas, but I like yours better.
    Sarge would fit in perfectly here. Your kitchen looks so warm and friendly.

  4. Good morning Miss Debbie... I'm elbow deep in reorganizing my home office... what a task! but I wanted to drop by early this morning and let you know how much I enjoyed your post. You kitchen reminds me of a kitchy little sidewalk resturant I visited once in Venice... the lady that ran it was a chubby little Italian lady that yelled at everyone... but she made some mean pasta... you had to sit outside... no room inside for anything but cooking... and she had these little chefs and plates sitting everywhere... funny how the memories come back when you view someone else's photos...

    as for redoing kitchens... mine hasn't been redone in over 30-years! I think I would just have a designer come in and go crazy... I'm very eclectic so I'd probably pick something that was a cross between French and Italian... with a little country thrown in for good luck! Now that would be some before and after huh!

    have a blessed Sunday... we went to Mass last night, so today we're off to an estate auction in San Marcos (Ricky said I need a Sunday break from all the decluttering)... have camera will shop! Maybe I'll find some goodies and post them next week.

    blissfully... Dixie

  5. Thanks for your comment. I have linked you right back on my blog as well. Yes it is good to see and read other Christian bloggers.

    Hugs from the Dutch Marian/Princess of Pink

  6. It was so nice to meet you via your blog! I LOVE those kitties and that cute pooch!! The story of your mom helping the lady find her billfold was certainly heartwarming!!

    Hope you've had a good weekend! Dana

  7. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blogs. I love to get new people. Your starting out really well. I'll be back.


  8. Hi Debbie!
    Thanks for stopping by my little space and for your comment. I enjoy meeting new (blogging)friends from all over ~ you are the only one I have *met* from Oklahoma! How sweet of you to put me on your blog list ~ hope I don't disappoint!
    I see you like cats, (glass)chickens and the Lord. Me, too!

  9. Debbie, thank you so much for leaving your kind note on my blog. I have just read through ALL of your blog postings and will be adding you to my blog list. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and seeing all of your cute decor (I especially love the chef your daughter painted on your door). I'm so glad you visited me, so I could come over here and get to know you. How is your daughter doing? I will have her in my prayers. Thank you for your scripture quotes. laurie

  10. i LOVE your kitchen goodies!! and i absolutely LOVE that chef your daughter painted on the door! How WONDERFUL!!! i had to crack up at your most recent post and the Oprah comment!! lol Thank you so very much for your kind words!! i am soo glad to know my blog is being enjoyed! sometimes i wonder! hehe You know i will be back to yours!! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day! :D


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