Friday, June 5, 2009

A TREASURE THAT IS RARE: "The Artwork of a Friend"

I never knew when I started a blog that I would meet the most awesome friends. I
didn't know any one but my cousin by marriage, Suzanne. She actually gave me the
courage to try. I really just thought I would post some of my poems and keep a journal.
I was computer dumb...really dumb and the things that are easy for most of you take me
forever to do. I just found out about the align button last
But I am proud of what I have accomplished.......but even more I have found some real
I don't know if you remember the movie that was out several years ago that was
called Richie Rich I believe. It was about this millionaire family and how these robbers
were out to steal their fortune. I don't remember a lot about it, because I am not a movie
watcher, but at the end of the movie, it shows the family vault.....there in the vault
were their most treasured possessions: family photos, pictures Richie Rich had drawn
for them over the years and the things money cannot buy.
We don't have a vault but we have a fireproof box. In our fireproof box are birth certificates,
both my children's first foot prints, their hospital ID bracelet from birth, and cam-corder
films of Amy and Rich at parties for children with cancer and their siblings (from Amy's cancer
as a child) Richie's soccer games...every play he was in through college...and those are my
treasures...."captured memories".
"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy,
and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven,
where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
~MATTHEW 6: 19-21
There is a beautiful artist in Blog land named ~KAREN HARVEY COX
I think every one knows her. Late Wednesday a beautiful...did I say BEAUTIFUL...
package arrived for me in the mail. Folks, I was still shedding tears from sweet
Penniwig's package (now I did win a contest from Lady Penniwig but what she in-
cluded not just for Amy but Leila also was straight from the heart and I have
also heard of other similar things she has are a treasure Sweet Penniwig)
Now back to the beautiful package straight from the beautiful heart of
I did not take a picture of the outside of the package but trust me it was sooooo very pretty.

When I opened the package it was wrapped in a gorgeous map of Italy.

Everything was painted by Karen. This was a heart-felt card I will always treasure
because this came from Karen but the sweet spirit that is within her sent it
from God. It means a lot when someone sends something to show they are
thinking about you and praying for you.
I am so sorry the picture is not clearer because everything she sent is beautiful.
One of my greatest loves is "ART WORK." I love flowers, gardens, cats, dogs,
portraits, some abstract, houses, stairs, goes on and on.

This was so very pretty of Spring...bluebird...and elegant light blue ribbon...I did

not realize my DH had pushed the ribbons to the back of the picture....we disagreed...

he felt the ribbon should be out and I felt it should be toward the front of the

picture...I am married to a man that sees no value in ribbon but tells everyone to

not stand still because I would put hot glue, glitter, ribbons and fringe on

KAREN, KAREN, KAREN, THANK YOU. i AM JUST IN AWE that you would send

me your beautiful art work...I cried, I squealed, I laughed, I just set and looked

at it....such beautiful is going to be my secret garden when I need to relax

and I took a picture with my phone to serve as my wall paper....I guess that is what

you call it.

I know that is a picture of my dream home.

She is gorgeous. She is going on my bedroom wall. I will take a picture when I
have it up on the wall. I can't thank you enough Karen, and I can't even begin to
tell you how much everything you sent means to me.

You won't believe this....I had to go with my Daddy to the Dr. today as he has a
ingrown toe nail and he is a diabetic. My mother had to work and since he is legally
deaf, he needs someone to go with him. Forget sign language---he is way toooo set in
his ways. Mother has been soaking his foot every night, cleaning his toe with
peroxide, and applying neosporin but she told him, he had to go to the Dr...she could
not fix the ingrown nail. Since he is deaf he talks very loud.....his appointment
was 2:00 pm and the Dr. saw him at 3:15 pm....he was not a happy camper.
Amy had a Drs. appointment and my DH went with her. The nurse gave her a
Neupogen shot and I will give her one on Sunday.
But I said all that to say this......She bought a new wig and it is the exact
color of the girl you painted. I will get a picture of her tomorrow and post it.
I am so honored and humbled that you would send me some of your art work.
May God bless you in the way you need it most.
hugs and love


I treasure your comments. This little graphic came from Olde Dame
may snag it for your blog but flutter by her blog and tell her hello. Be sure and
stop by Karen Harvey Cox's Blog and look at her art work...or some
I know she would love that and she doesn't want the recognition but I think when
someone does something nice we should tell about them....there is too much negative
and it is a warm fuzzy feeling to hear something positive...that there are wonderful
people still around.
If you feel like it blog about someone in blog land that has blessed your life.


  1. Debbie, The artwork is awesome. What a great treasure you received.
    Sorry to hear about our Dad, sitting in a waiting room is not my favorite thing either.

    I am wondering about Amy's operation on the 10Th. I guess I missed something. What are they going to do.
    Please email me if you have time.

    Friends are great people to have around.


  2. beautiful post and warms thoughts... Dixie

  3. Wow...your words, and your gift...they're both super. I tellya Debbie, I'm very happy that you're blogging.

  4. Debbie,

    I was checking my blog this morning before I set off to pick my mom up for graduation. I saw your comment and wanted to stop by and say how happy I am that the package arrived.

    You and your daughter have been in my prayers ever since we met. I hope that you enjoy the artwork. Thank you for saying such kind words.

    Blessings, Karen

  5. That artwork is stunning.

    Yes, blogging does open up a "whole new world" of friends, doesn't it?

    Just think - - - it's how I found you and you found me!!!! :-)

  6. A beautiful gift from one beautiful friend to another beautiful friend.

    Be blessed today & always!

  7. Awesome post! TY for sharing. You have a real talent for writing ... TTFN ~Marydon

  8. oh how very sweet of her, the art work is beautiful!! She is very talented. I love the picture of your dream home. I wish I lived there too!!! so many colors. Have a nice weekend and tell the girls I send my hugs and prayers......Jennifer :)

  9. Debbie - I love reading your blog and I am so glad that you took a leap of faith and allowed the Lord to work in and through you in this.

    You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for helping Pat with everything. May God continue to richly bless you and may He work out His will and healing in Amy and Leila.

    Love you.


  10. Oh your gifts are so beautiful. Thank you very much for visiting me during my porch party. I enjoyed it immensely! xo rachel

  11. The art work is lovely. Enjoy! Didn't expect to make friends in Blogland, but even in short time I have met some wonderful people, who are so kind and supportive. Blogland is a great place to live. Prayers for your father, Amy and Leila.

  12. Amazing and beautiful artwork. What a sweet post from you as always, and what a dear friend you have. I just love visiting you, you are one special amazing lady.
    ♥ Teresa

  13. Debbie, this art is beautiful, and I am so happy for you that she sent it. I'm not familiar with her blog, but I will be going over to see. You must feel like you are at some doctor's office with somebody all of the time! Tell Amy that I look forward to see a picture of her in her new wig. laurie

  14. Oh gosh, Mrs. Cox's artwork is just incredible!!! She's not just talented, but you can tell what a heart she has, too. I know you will treasure her work always. And isn't it amazing that she painted that unusual hair color and it turns out Amy has just gotten that same color?! Amazing, but no coincidence, His eye is on the sparrow.

    Your blog is so pretty, I had no idea you did not know the "ins" and "outs" of how to design a blog!!!

    P.S. I think you are right about the ribbons but husbands just have to go put their 2 cents worth in, don't they?

  15. Hi Debbie,
    I'm so happy you started blogging too! Thank you for sharing all your lovely pinks today and have a wonderful weekend.


  16. The blog world is AMAZING!!! ENJOY your lovely art work!

  17. Lovely pinks this week! Happy Pink Saturday.

  18. so many great blogs and friends so little time. I thank you for your generous sharing. HP, Heidi

  19. Oh wonderful. You're right, there is just something SUPER special about someone who will send something for no reason other than to lift your spirits and show they care. I'm so glad you received the wonderful gift and it gave you so much joy!


    PS......thanks for sharing.......


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