Friday, October 23, 2009


JOHN 3: 16


  1. There are no words to say. Praying!

  2. Debbie, I will keep Richie in my thoughts & prayers as well as all of you, and I have no doubts you & Amy will spend eternity together and maybe a few of us will see you there too:) It's kind of sad to say, but I don't have many "funny" stories to share except a recent one... I went to the banks' drive through last month to deposit and was putting my money in the cylinder thingee and all of a sudden someones' horn started blaring nonstop. I was looking all around as were others in the line thinking "who's the idiot blaring the horn"! Well, after a couple minutes, I noticed it was ME, I had the horn pressed down with the cylinder while putting my money in, and NO WONDER everyone was looking AT ME!!!! I didn't waste any time leaving the bank line:) BIG HUGS to you all!

  3. So hard for me to think of a funny story right now. My heart is aching for you as you have to watch your beautiful daughter suffer. But know that when her suffering is finally over, she will be completely and totally healed and in the arms of her Savior.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog yesterday. Knowing that you took the time to come and visit while all this going on in your life meant a lot to me. Praying for you!

  4. You are one strong woman! I cannot think of anything funny right now either...tell Amy she is adorable in her Dorothy Costume and I love the shoes...!!

  5. God is so go to provide. Pop over and read my post from Thursday. It (I hope will bring a smile to your face!)

    I have been out of the loop for a few days on vacation and then recovering form vacation so I am just trying to get back in the loop with all my blogs.

    I will be praying for you and all those you love during this very difficult time!

    One of my most precious memories is sitting by my grandmothers bedside as she went home to be with Jesus! It is bittersweet. Selfishly we want the ones we love to stay here with us, but we also want them not to suffer anymore.

    Grieving along with you!


  6. Hi Debbie,
    It's so hard to try to think of something funny knowing what you and your family are going through today. My prayers are with all of you today but especially Amy, asking our Lord's mercy to end Amy's suffering and give her peace.
    This is my funny story for sweet Amy.
    When my son was in grammar school he attended a Christian school. Because it was "only" a Christian school and not part of the public school system, there was no speed reduction for cars, no traffic light, no warning light, nothing in front of the school. It was so difficult pulling out of that parking lot and onto the main road and there were many accidents due to it. Some of the moms got together and took care of the problem. One of us would pull out onto the main road and block all the traffic with our car while all the other mothers quickly left the parking lot. Now comes the funny part. I was waiting for Michael to come out of school and when he got into the car he realized he had forgotten a book he needed for homework. He ran back inside the building to get it. When I looked up I noticed that one of the moms had the traffic blocked so we could leave. I don't know what I was thinking but I quickly threw my car in drive and took off leaving my son back at the school! I was driving along for quite a distance before I turned to ask Michael how his day was when I realized he wasn't in the car with me. I hit the gas and with no side street in sight to turn around on I swung a U turn right in the middle of the road! I wasn't laughing then but we sure get a good laugh now! Needless to say I get teased about it a lot.
    Debbie, I know your dear Amy will soon be in paradise, somwhere we all long to be, and I look forward to meeting her someday on the other side.
    Blessings to you my dear friend. Love, Loretta

  7. My heart is aching for you all as I type this.

    A funny that comes to my mind is when my oldest dd was 3 1/2. We were in the car, and as she looked out at the neighbors working in their garden, she yelled out "Look, Mr. _________ is growing canned goods!". It was early in the gardening season, and he had cans around the tender vegetation. We still laugh as we think about that, as she was so serious!

    Hugs and prayers for all of you.

  8. Oh Debbie my heart is literally just breaking for you. To have to view everything she has had to go through is one of the worst pains I can honestly imagine. Your words of wisdom have touched my heart deeply (I'm having a hard time stopping the tears) and I can going to heed them for sure. It is so hard time sometimes to be patient with even life's smallest little annoyances, but truly of course this puts things in their proper perspective. I'm with the others, it is REALLY hard to think of something funny right now. But I will try.

    I remember looking for places to have Melody's wedding with her. It was quite the search as she wanted something classic and elegant and yet something that suited her country loving, simple life styled husband to be. (we eventually found the perfect place) Anyway, on this particular day we had an appointment at an extremely elegant posh country club in an exclusive area in Orange County. We are sooo out of our element, and sooo over our heads, we were doing it more for fun that anything else. As we arrived in the area we began joking and teasing each other about how we stuck out like sore thumbs and at any moment we would be asked to remove out somewhat dirty car from their parking lot etc. Oh how we amuse each other. Well, we had stopped for frozen yogurts and were sitting in this parking lot to enjoy them before going in, with LOTS of beautifully dressed men and women walking by. The intimatating kind, you know the type haha, when Melody said something particularily funny and I began to laugh and laugh and the next thing I knew yogurt was spilling out of my mouth, my nose, and all over my blouse. The harder I tried to stop laughing the more I did and the more of a spectacle I became. We finally got it together enough to get out of the car after "somewhat" repairing the damage to my blouse which was now covered in course CHOCOLATE we headed toward the country club a beautifully clad woman looked at us from down her nose, and somewhat sniffed (I kid you not) and Mel and I looked at each other and broke into gales of laughter again. We had to hold on to each other we were soo overwhelmed. At that we got into our car and left realizing that this wasn't for us. I don't remember laughing more over something. It's a memory I cherish now as after she married she moved 1000 miles away from me and we don't have many of those moments anymore. I praise God Debbie that you have had countless wonderful memories with your beloved Amy and they are all stored in your heart to pull out and cherish and remember for always. She will be forever with you in your heart until that happy day when we you are reunited in heaven. Oh how happy I am that you and Amy know Him and have this truth and promise to hold on to. How on earth would anyone bear it if they didn't have this?

    I will continue to pray for you Debbie. You are FREQUENTLY in my thoughts. May the Lord wrap His arms around you as you walk through this time, and may you feel His presence in a very real way.

    Much love going your way,


  9. Oh Debbie, I can't think of anything funny right now. I'm crying too much. When I recover from reading your post, I'll try to come back and leave a funny story. As always, y'all are in my prayers. With love, laurie

  10. Debbie, like others have said, there aren't words...I just want to be silent and pray. But you are right, Amy needs to hear cheerful things around her. You are so right about spending as much time loving your kids, being there for all the son and dil don't do that with my breaks my heart, it really does. I can only say so much to them about it, but I pray and cry all the time...they have no idea what they are losing. God is giving you special time with Amy, time that is difficult, but rich with love...and Amy is receiving all the care a mother could possibly give to her child. God bless you, Debbie...our hearts are heavy for you, our prayers are with you constantly...just think, around the country and the world, people are praying for you and Amy Dawn, and Richie constantly. You are being lifted up to the Lord, asking for His great peace to be yours. I hope you can find some comfort in that.

    Love you all,

  11. Oh Dear Debbie, I pray everyday for Amy, all my family pray for her. I am in tears now, through your posts I feel that I know you for a long time ago. I know what are you say about tell to our beloved how much we loved them. I learn this lesson 16yrs ago when my dad past away and since that day, I am always saying I love you and kissing my kids and family, that are the last words that I said to my mom before her heart surgery. Yadiel has 3 years but he is always kissing my family and friends and saying "I love you" to everyone. Blessings since VA.

  12. HI Debbie,
    What a beautiful Angel!!!
    Like most here, it is hard to think of anything funny as my heart is aching for you and your family, but just know you and your family have been and will continue to be in my prayers. Please tell Amy how beautiful she was in her Dorothy's outfit and that those red shoes still are on my mind, and that if we lived nearby I might want to swap sometimes.

    the most recent thing that comes to mind is Saturday, our Ladies from church had a get together to celebrate weddings, more particular the Great wedding that is to take place in the future as we are preparing for it now.
    I mistakenly went to the wrong place, and as true to par for me I was running late, but as I approached the building, I was thinking"boy we are having a big crowd here today, thank you Lord". So I got out of my car and went to the door and opened it like I owned the place, which is so out of character for me,. I looked and there was all these people sitting at tables, men included have this wonderful lunch; and they all just turned and looked at me. I don't know who had the most surprised look on their face, me or them. all of a sudden I recognized some people at the first table. They say "who are you looking for," and I told them. They steered me to the right place.

    Here is the funny or shall I say the most embarrassing part. These people were having their 38th school class reunion, I went to school with these people, and most of them knew me! Luckily for me I doubt they recognized me as i have sooo changed!!! Needlessly to say after apologizing I made a quick exit. I told my husband I probably was the talk of that reunion.

    I can't tell you how much Amy and your family have been on my mind , and that your unwavering faith has touched me more that you will ever know. Debbie, you and Amy have exemplified Christ to me in so many ways. One way is that you both always thought of others before yourself, and that is exactly what Christ did!!!

    My prayer for you today is that you will completely fall in His Arms and allow Him to wrap you in His unfailing love and that He continue to strengthen you and lift you up.

    With all of my love,

  13. I'm without words...I have been praying for Amy and your family.
    I don't know...but I would say, Amy is sayin "com'on" and grabbing for you-becasue she wants you to see her ANGELS...they are all around her :) Surrounding her...I pray they are surrounding you too.


  14. Thought about you all early this morning when I woke up.
    My story. When I was a home health nurse's aid I had a patient way out in the country and we usually did not use their bathroom unless absolutely necessary. Well one day I had to go and could not wait. I had to go to the outhouse. When I tried to leave I could not get out. I could barely see through a little slit in the wooden door and there was a huge mule standing right in front of the outhouse door. I pushed and nothing happened. I was able to get the door open enough to yell at Mrs.--------Come help me. She came flying out the backdoor, dishtowel in her arms waving and yelling "Get away Homer, the mule, shoo, get outta here." After that I tried to always go before I went to her place. Blessings and God's grace.

  15. Oh Debbie, big hugs to you guys! I can't think of anything funny at this moment. Oh i'm tearful here. My prayers are with you all still. I'll come back to your blog a little later.
    God Bless.

  16. Dearest Debbie my heart is aching and crying for you. I feel real pain.Scares me also -to tell you the truth.

    You are very brave. Will pray for all of you.

    May God keep you strong.

  17. Debbie, I'm still standing with you. I pray that the Lord holds all of you in the palm of His mighty hand and close to His heart. I pray that Richie and his wife both feel better soon. I pray that Amy is pain free.

    I love that you have the praise music playing. I'll sing to her (and to you) in my heart, too...



  18. Dear Debbie,
    I am feeling like everyone else in that I cannot think of anything funny at the moment. You are all in my thoughts and my prayers, icluding your son and his wife. The Lord Jesus be with you all and give you strength.

    Blessings and hugs,

  19. Debbie, as I have just read your post...I'm not sure what to say or the funniest thing I have experienced. There have been quite a few over the years. Perhaps, you would just rub Amy's forehead and tell her hello from Kansas and that Deanna is thinking about you all. Tell her that she is a precious child of God with eternal worth and value.

    While in a coma Amy still hears your voice. At this time, sharing how much you love her, her good qualities, etc can be shared with her. Playing Christian praise music is precious.

    Dear God, please comfort this family.
    In Jesus name I pray,
    Amen and amen

  20. I have had a prayer button on my blog for a while now for Amy. but this is the first time I found my way here from Heidi's page. I give you my hope and prayers and blessings. I know what it is like to watch a loved one die from cancer. my dad ... 4 years ago....

    something funny......years and years ago, I was a waitress at a pizza hut. I had a table one day of about 12 guys having lunch from their work day. As I was about to take their order, I see that my order pad is empty... and I say "excuse me a moment , while I go change my pad" you can guess what they were thinking and they all started to crack up. how embarresing , but they did leave me a good tip.

  21. I'll come back to comment later, we're about to run some errands & I just came to check quickly to see if there was an update, I wasn't expecting one. But I wanted to @ least tell you my funny thing that happened just yesterday. Both of the car handles in the backseat of my car were broken off a little bit ago on the inside, my husband ordered aftermarket replacements from ebay & we received 2 of the same, we were supposed to get opposites. We emailed the seller & he asked us which one we needed... being the bright adults that we are, my husband & I both got into the backseat & shut the doors, we figured out which handle we needed but then realized we could not get out of the car. I told my husband not to climb over the seat b/c his shoes were wet & muddy from the rain so we ended up calling the secretary in his office to come & open the door for us, we we're all laughing @ our simple little mistake.

  22. We were leaving work one night. There was construction and Sandra told Kim, "Be careful, you know how clumsy you are," just before Sandra tripped and went sprawling on all fours. I laughed so hard I sat down on the curb and wet my pants. They retold that story for years, always beginning with a version of "Do you remember when we were leaving through the ER and Sandra told me to be careful and then she fell down and Nell wet her pants?"

    It sounds as if Amy is telling you she is ready to go. I pray for peace for her and comfort for you.

  23. Dear Debbie, I can't even think right now.....I have been away for a few days and will be away again for a bit longer maybe until the end of the month(mom's). I came to the blog to see what has been going on and I always come here first to see how amy is. My heart is so sad but somewhere inside it's comforting to know that God is along side her and maybe she is in a little less pain. It's hard to come up with a funny story right now but I'll give it a go....One night my husband and I were goofing around and I tapped his bald spot right in the center of his head (he has a thing about going bald) he swung around and tried to grab me but missed me and grabbed my shirt instead....I tried to wiggle out of it and some how I through my back out and instantly fell to the ground. Bob thought I was faking it but soon found out I wasn't. I couldn't get up and the pain was so bad it made my legs want to give out. I ended up at the hospital that night and the Dr asked how it happened (we told the story) she laughed so hard!!! and said it sounded like something she and her husband would do!!! ....once I had my meds it was all I could do to stop laughing because it really was hillarious.... I'll always pray for you and your family. I'm sending big hugs and alot of love to each of you. Take care,xxxooo hugs, Jennifer

  24. Debbie I cannot even think of a funny story right now. I am filled with tears for you and your family right now as you go this time. My heart and prayers are with you. I find it so amazing right now that you can write such encouraging words right now. I will hug my family and keep them close as I am sending hugs your way. Debbie you are such a strong person and it is so obvious how our heavenly father is holding you up. I pray He continues to hold you tight to His bossom. God is good. We never know how long we have just as you said. My precious grandson has so many special needs and may die before he reaches his teen years. I wrote about him in a previous post. Debbie I am remembering each of you in my prayers constantly that Jesus will continue to help you during this time.

  25. Aunt Debbie,

    Trying to stay positive, even though its hard to smile at this time. If you want to tell Amy a funny story, there is one story I will never forget, and I know Amy and yourself will not either. Two words, The Zoo. Two more words, the geese. I know you remember I know Amy does, as we joked about it quite a few months back. This is a family story that only you guys would remember you were there, I was young, but this is a time when we were happy, care free, and still young, children looking and searching for the answers to so many questions in life.

    Tell Amy, whisper in her ear this for me please, "Your cousin Heidi loves you like a sister, loves you with all her heart, prays for you continuously, and the girls, our girls, miss you like crazy." Amy knows these girls are hers as well, and when the Angels surround her, and she is allowed to spiritual visit all of us before she departs, to fly by visit us we are here our arms open, our eyes peeled for one last good by. One last smile, one last hug, one last memory of this world to carry on to the next. We will search the crowd when our day comes for her smiling face, her angelic laugh, her beautiful voice, we will look for her.

    My heart is heavy as I say these words, I miss her, I will miss her, I do love her, I love you all.

    Your neice,

  26. Hi Debbie,
    I want to pass along a message from Martha from She left a message on my blog saying she visited your site but was having trouble leaving a comment. She wants you to know that she thinks of Amy nearly every day and asks God to take her home to rest.
    Blessings, Loretta

  27. Debbie,
    You were so much on my mind today. I stopped by Sherry's to see if there was an update, and then by chance I thought I would stop by here. You know when I read your post I wept. Yet, I think to myself why do we cry when we know that Amy will be dancing when she gets to go home. She will sit by the piano next to Mr. Rogers as he serenades her Welcome to My Neighborhood", and she will have a new easel with paints galore and she will paint the stars in heaven. Perhaps we cry because we want to tag along, our work is so hard here. Yet, God's promises that we will see all of our loved ones again. My Dapper, our beautiful white horse passed away this year, and I just know that he will greet Amy and give her a tour horseback of heaven.

    Debbie, you have more faith an courage than anyone I know. I pray that you and your husband are filled with the peace of God at such a difficult crossroads. You are an amazing mother.

    Blessings, Karen

  28. My friend Debbie - I have been praying. I will keep Richie in prayer and his wife. I will hold my children and Jay closer.

    Hard to think of something funny right now - but you asked and this is what comes to my mind as little Austin sits next to me watching me type. When he was born - his head was misshapen - he was a really big baby at 10.5 lbs. I looked at him and started to get all freaked out. I looked to Jay and said - will his head always look like that?? Jay laughed at me and assured me it would go back to its original shape. As he sits next to me and tells me his hair is sticking up like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals - I see the beauty of God's creation.

    Thank you for your walk and the testimony of Amy's that we have been blessed to be a part of. Angels in Heaven will be celebrating as God welcomes her home - and what testiment to your all's walk as parents, grandparents, brother, aunt, uncles and above all children of God Most High!

  29. P.S. Please whisper to Amy that ever since I learned that there was fairy dust in the sunset because of her, that I have been obsessed with glitter. Her wisdom will stay with me forever.

    Blessings, Kare

  30. I'm so sorry you and Amy are going through this. What a difficult time for all of you.

    Thinking of you.

  31. Debbie I am so sad for you. Funny story...My husband went to the local McDonalds for a quick hamburger and it was getting dark outside. He went to the drive thru and stopped to place his order..........only he was placing an order at the trash recepticle which had an extension at the top that he thought was where you spoke into. Boy, did he feel dumb!

  32. Debbie, dropping back by again today to say I'm thinking of you SO much. I just can't find the words, but you are such a loving mother and loving Christian, and I hope you find some solace in how many people love you here in Blogland. I pray for your family (and of course Amy) as well. Love to you, sweet friend.

    Still standing with you in prayer...



  33. Oh, Debbie, my heart is breaking for Dear Amy and you and your family. You are in my thought, dear friend.

    I read this this morning and couldn't think of anything funny. But now I have.

    One Christmas Eve, my family was in church. My parents had retired to northern Michigan and their church was very, very tiny. We were standing singing a hymn and when the hymn ended, we started to sit down. Both my sister and I turned to rearrange our coats before we sat down. As we turned, we bent over and somehow bumped our heads. Now when I say bumped our heads, I mean that you could hear the sound throughout the church. It was like the sound of a bowling ball hitting a pin. Besides the fact that it hurt, we were in church and we were supposed to be quiet. But we couldn't stop laughing. We tried and tried to stop, but you know how it is, you know you are supposed to be quiet and that makes it worse. Our shoulders were shaking, we were crying and my Mother was mortified. She kept giving us looks that said "Settle down. This. Minute." (Keep in mind we were both well into adulthood at this time.) This went on for a good ten minutes, maybe more, as we tried to control ourselves. Sometimes it got so bad, we laughed out loud. I don't know if I've ever laughed harder in my life. And my Mom getting so angry only made me laugh more!

    Both of ua had sore noggins. We still laugh about it to this day, many, many years later.


  34. Hi Debbie, My heart is so sad and I just didn't quite know what to say in my earlier comment and then I remembered BUTTERFLIES!!! My Lovely friend Amy loves butterflies!!!....Please tell amy that I will see her in the summer and we will play among the butterflies...I love you amy! for now my prayers are sent on butterfly wings......Hugs, Jennifer

  35. Oh Debbie, I know I must have a lot of funny stories to tell, I am whacking my brain right now to think of something, anything and the only thing that comes to mind is this: my husband and I were living in Sacramento, CA when both our children were born. One day someone asked our 3 year old daughter "where were you born honey" she proudly answered Sactofornia!!!
    My prayers with you all always, Char

  36. Debbie, my special one, you know the pain you are suffering I am sharing with you, once again ... it is like I am losing all over again. My heart is so heavy for all of you. May Jesus lift Amy close to His heart ... I am in tears, I wish I could talk with you, sweetie. If you get a moment just give me a call, I'm home all night.

    Please give Richie a hug for me ... love to all, may our Lord hold you all up with strength & love together. Marydon

  37. I thought I would leave you a few uplifting verses from Psalm 84..

    "Blessed are those who dwell in Your house and Your presence; they will be singing Your praises all the day long.

    Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, whose heart are the highways to Zion.

    Passing through the Valley of Weeping, they make it a place of springs; the early rain also fills (the pools) with blessings.

    They go from strength to strength (increasing in victorious power); each of them appears before God in Zion..

    Behold our shield, O God, and look upon the face of Your annointed!

    From Psalm 68

    Blessed be the Lord, Who bears our burdens and carries us day by day, even the God Who is our salvation..(v.19)

    Sending you prayers and encouragement to help Amy, you and your family.

    God Bless you all.

  38. It's the Best of Times, and The Worst of Times leaving everyone with such a heavy heart as they have followed Amy's journey.

    A funny Story? When my granddaughter joined us in Texas at age know it is a tradition to have the little ones sit on Santa's lap at the Mall for those Christmas pictures. Lil Miss "A" was all dressed up, smiling, one hand on her lap and other tugging on Santa's beard. Just as the camera clicked, off flew his beard--she was holding it in her left hand. The children in line were horrified..and one shouted "Oh NO she just wrecked Santa Claus.." That was quite the Christmas picture!! Hmmm is that why they call that age The Terrible Two's??

    Blessings from Texas
    Carol & Alexey Rae

  39. Dear Debbie just got home. Our wash machine broke last night so we had to run to Lowes to get a new one. I just pray that the pain will leave Amy and that she will find rest. I know within my heart that Amy is still fighting and I can not lay down and call it over because I know that we must fight with her. We are all that she has. Father God I just pray Debbie, Richard and Richie Father God just meet them today in this situation. Give them what they need because I know that You are a God the knows what the sheep need. In the Name of JESUS. Know for a funny story...Us taking all of the corn silk of the neighbors corn...helping the baby chicks hatch grandpa's pickup for him and putting roses on the steering wheel. Those summers at grandma were soo fun. Love, Suzie

  40. Dear Debbie, I came by this morning but didn't know what to say. As often happens my daughter gave me a bit of inspiration this afternoon. Tonight is the big rivalry football game in our town. My son came home and told of the spirit rally they had. At one point the opposing team's mascot, a bear, was chasing their cougar mascot in a car. After a long story of the mascots' escapades my daughter looked at me and said, "But what I don't understand is who gave the bear a driver's lisence?!"

    I hope Amy was able to hear you read today and that you all have found some comfort in the stories everyone shared. I think the mule blocking the outhouse door was the most unique!Laughter may not cure everything but it certainly eases our minds.

    Bless you all

  41. Debbie, i'm back to your beautiful blog. You'd like to read a funny story.
    Over the summer, hubby and I were in our Mary Garden pulling grass and weeds out of the garden. I was about to pick up what I thought was a rock. I asked dh who put that rock there. As I was going to pick it up, it jumped! I yelled! I was so scared! It was a huge frog! I had never been so scared in my life! I still can't believe that I was about to pick it up! ugh. I get chills just thinking about it.
    Sending big hugs, Debbie.

  42. I will try to think of something funny to post. In the meantime I wanted to tell you

    I teach preschool (special needs), and we have one little boy (cute as can be) - but he never really speaks free speech (only repeats others). Anyway, the other day we were watching a movie that had an owl in it. The owl keep repeating, "whoo...whoo". Finally this little boy thought the owl was talking to him and the words, "I don't know" came out of this sweet little boy as clear as could be.

    More importantly, I want you to know that your sweet Amy and your family are in my prayers constantly. I cannot imagine, and I don't know you -- but your strength comes shining through. We love you all and are praying for you always.

  43. I have no other words then I sure will be praying as I go to sleep tonight - I can't even imagine. I am a mother of a 32 year old daughter and I can't even bare to think about it.

    Love to you all.

    A funny story is that when my kids were little my mother was going to take them to the dermatologist for me. She misunderstood and took them to the podiatrist.

    The podiatrist said there was no appointment for them.

    My daughter Kelly told them my mom never makes mistakes - if she said we had an appointment then we had an appointment.

    SO they worked them in. Ricky in one room and my mom and Kelly in another.

    They go to Ricky’s 1st and he shows them his arm - and the lady goes we don't look at skin - just feet.

    My mom all of a sudden realizes that she is in the wrong place and she and Kelly run out leaving Ricky there to get his shoes on and run out.

    Meanwhile I'm meeting them at the dermatologist and they are late and I am so worried. They finally come in laughing their heads off.

    Hope this is as funny to you as it was that day to us.

  44. Debbie, I am so sorry I cannot at the moment think of a funny story to share with you. My heart feels so heavy but I will not give up praying for Amy and your family. I saw a beautiful Wizard of Oz commemorative watch today in a book. Dangling from the watch is a pair of cute Ruby Red Slippers. Straightaway I thought of your darling Amy and I am going to order this watch so that I will always remember Amy, her strengh, her courage, her belief in the Lord. Whenever I wear it I will always think of Amy. She has touched my heart and my soul. A gift I will never forget. Please let Amy know that she will always be in my heart♥♥ My heart reaches out to you Debbie and all your family. May God's love be even more stronger in your lives right now. Linda

  45. Dearest Debbie, My heart is aching for all of you. I am sending prayers and hugs across the miles.

    It's hard to think of a funny story, but this one makes me smile 35 years later. I was a volunteer at the children's clinic at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. One of my favorites was Charlie, a sweet little 8-year old who used a wheelchair. One day I felt a pat on my backside.
    I turned around and it was Charlie grinning at me. I told him that wasn't the way we got attention. He replied that he knew that, but that he knew he would get my attention right away and I couldn't tell him he was wrong. Still makes me smile to think of that sweet boy and his big grin.

    Lots of love, Buttercup

  46. Oh shoot! I cannot think of anything funny!!! My sweet niece Serenity is our source of laughter right now. She is 13 mths old and just too cute. She loves to dance and sing and snap her fingers and LAUGH! A baby's laugh is the most amazing sound in all the world. I smile and laugh thinking about it. But I'm not sure it would make you laugh! Well I think you know what I mean so I hope it helps!
    Many many many hugs and continued prayers for your sweet family!

  47. Oh, Debbie, the others are right; there are no words, only prayers. Tell Amy that one day I went to work without my skirt -- people at the bus stop thought it was funny but I didn't. I was so busy getting my kids ready for school that I did not notice I had not finished dressing. Another time I bought a casual outfit for a university informal "casual attire" party. When I got home, my daughter asked me why I was in pajamas! I hope the stories make Amy smile even if she is in a coma. Tell her also that she is very brave and an inspiration to many people. Tell her that people who have never met her love her. (And you.) God bless you!

  48. I'm just so very, very sorry for all your grief...the pain must be nearly unbearable. God grant you strenght and comfort.

    My prayers are with you!


  49. The funniest thing I can think of right now is also a bit strange. Do you think it's possible for a 2 year old to have an obsession with vacuum cleaners? Because, I think it's entirely possible my nephew may be. For about the last year he is totally and completely fascinated with the "vacuum". He couldn't even say it correctly when the obsession began. Unfortulately, "vac" came out sounding like "f**k". Oops. He's since learned to say it properly. He was once in a store with his Mommy and she took his down the vacuum cleaner isle and his little eyes opened up wide and his mouth dropped open. Now whenever we enter a store he thinks he needs to visit the vacuums. He has a toy one, but much prefers the real thing, the hoses, brushes, pulling out the cord, but here's the kicker...he's terrified of it when you turn it on. He runs to the other room and closes the door behind him. Then waits until the vacuum quits and hollers "done?" to make sure it is safe to come out. Just say "plug it in" and you'll hear a resounding "NO!"
    So we'll wait and see if this fascination passes, we're hoping his little mind is leaning toward the mechanical because he loves lawn mowers and weed-eaters too. It's just too funny to all of us, we've never seen anything like it and are hoping he outgrows it by the time he's old enough to start school and wants to know where the vacuum is on his first day!

    I hope this brings you a little smile, things sound like they are horribly tough. You are in my prayers always and every day. God Bless.

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  51. Sorry, I posted one of my favorite songs for you but it was missing an entire verse, reposting... If you've not heard this song if ever you get the chance look it up on YouTube to hear how beautiful it really is. ((((Hugs)))

    Come, Come Ye Saints

    Come, come, ye saints, no toil nor labor fear;
    But with joy wend your way.
    Though hard to you this journey may appear,
    Grace shall be as your day.
    Tis better far for us to strive our useless cares from us to drive;
    Do this, and joy your hearts will swell -
    All is well! All is well!

    Why should we mourn or think our lot is hard?
    'Tis not so; all is right.
    Why should we think to earn a great reward if we now shun the fight?
    Gird up your loins; fresh courage take.
    Our God will never us forsake;
    And soon we'll have this tale to tell-
    All is well! All is well!

    We'll find the place which God for us prepared,
    Far away, in the West,
    Where none shall come to hurt or make afraid;
    There the saints, will be blessed.
    We'll make the air, with music ring, Shout praises to our god and king;
    Above the rest these words we'll tell -
    All is well! All is well!

    And should we die before our journey's through,
    Happy day! All is well!
    We then are free from toil and sorrow, too;
    With the just we shall dwell!
    But if our lives are spared again to see the Saints their rest obtain,
    Oh, how we'll make this chorus swell-
    All is well! All is well!

  52. I think you can tell by now that all your blog sisters love you and grieve with you. I'm so happy that Amy has beaten Satan! He tried to smite her with cancer, but she's safe forever more with the Lord! I now pray for your, and your family's, emotional healing and strength.

  53. OH Debbie...words cannot express what I want to heart is with you in your saddness tonight...your precious Amy has earned her wings and has flown home.
    May you find peace in knowing she feels no pain now and will be that angel always watching over you till you meet again.
    My love and prayers are with you and your family,
    Angel hugs

  54. OH Debbie,
    you are right , time on this earth is so short. My daughter and I were just talking at dinner, about living life with NO REGRETS< I do not want to think I made a mistake or didn't do something for someone when I should have. I say Love those around you and Love your family and let them know how much you love them and appreciate them. I know you and Amy will be reunited and in heaven for all of eternity. God does not put upon us more then we can bear and I know this is some real heavyweight to put upon you and I know you are wondering why, none of us can answer that one, maybe it will come to you sometime soon for now just try and remember her sweet smile and laughter and all the fun times you had with her.She is now your Angel!!!!!
    big hugs to you tonight

  55. Debbie, I'm so sorry....There isn't anything I can say to make this any easier, my heart hurts so bad for you and your family. I'm trying to type through my tears but I can't seem to find the words....I love you and I also know you will see your beautiful Amy again, God has taken her pain away, she will forever be an angel watching over all of you....Hugs, Jennifer

  56. We don't know each other, but I've read about Amy at Penniwig's. I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful daughter Amy.. She was just a few months older than my daughter Marisa, who will be 33 in just a few weeks. Bicentennial babies, born in 1976! May God hold you all in the palm of His hand, and may you always find comfort in knowing you will see your dear Amy again one day..

    God's Peace, Love, Comfort and Blessings be showered on you all today and always.

  57. Comfort and strength is what I hope for. For you and all Amy's beloved ones.

  58. May God Bless you all and may you always feel those beautiful wings holding you tight♥
    Amy will always be with you...forever and ever....

    Two beings…

    Two beings together,
    one place, on time…
    The one feels misery,
    The other sublime

    One filled with sadness,
    overburdened with grief…
    The other with joy,
    consumed in belief

    One feels empty,
    lost at this time….
    The other overflows
    with peace, so divine

    One without happiness
    or joy to share…
    The other has abundance,
    rapture to spare

    The one grasps for love,
    that appears out of reach…
    The other grabs hold…
    as love’s powers increase

    One is weary,
    tattered and forlorn….
    The other is strong,
    in God’s grace, adorned

    One longs to stop,
    seek refuge from this pain
    The other responds
    by exalting HIS name

    One feels a release,
    as a warm calmness surrounds her
    The other holds tight, wrapping her wings around her

    One sees a glow,
    feels a fluttering of wings…
    The other sees faith,
    belief in all things

    She longs for her touch,
    remembers her sweet smiling face
    Amy's wings wrap tighter…
    as she shares [with you] God’s loving grace

    You will look to the future,
    for your pain will subside…
    Your angel stays close,
    never leaving your side

    God doesn’t take to
    cause us such grief….
    His angels are with us…
    we must always believe

    Two beings together,
    one on earth, one [now] in heaven…
    Two beings together,
    bound by love, now and forever….

    Two beings together,
    one place, one time…
    Two beings together….
    both now sublime
    © k. Bosko

  59. Debbie,
    I am so very sorry for your loss of sweet, beautiful Amy. May you find comfort in knowing she is in the arms of our Lord. I am praying for you and your family.
    Hugs, Mary

  60. Dear Debbie,
    May God comfort and strengthen you all through this difficult time. Amy is in the presence of our precious Savior now, pain free and restored. You will be with her again and she will be waiting for you. I am so sorry for your loss. Blessings, Loretta

  61. Dearest Debbie, I just read about your sweet girl. My heart reaches out to you and your family.

    Your sweet Amy fought the most gallant fight to stay with the ones she loved. Your comfort must be in the image you have of her with our God.

  62. Dear Debbie, Richard and Richie, my heart is breaking for you and for all who loved sweet Amy so much. She has fought the good fight and has won the race. May her memory be for a blessing. Lots of love and hugs,

  63. Debbie, I just read on Sherry's blog that Amy has gone home to be with the Lord. I'm so sorry, precious. It is impossible to find the right words to soothe your heart, but I know the real comfort you have now is that Amy has gone home to be with the Lord. When she said, "Come on," I want to believe that she could see the gates of Heaven. We are convinced that's what happened with DiDi before she died last spring because she looked up and reached out her arms as if in greeting to someone. Then she died on the day that her son had died years before... Good Friday.

    While I have lost so many of the people I love in this life, I find comfort in the knowledge that they are just a short distance ahead. There is a thin veil that divides this world from the next. And to be absent from the body of believers is to be present with the Lord. What a glorious thought! Home for those of us who are Christians is ahead. The Lord made that abundantly clear to me when I used to whine to Him about moving home to be near my family. Mr. Magpie and I have lived far from family for years. It's hard for some people to comprehend that about a Heavenly home, but for those of us who believe, we know it as sure as we know that the earth is round.

    Amy is not flying down the streets, she is dancing down the streets, and furthermore, she is in the presence of the Lord himself!!! Oh, GLORY! To be in a place of beautiful, glorious light where God himself is the light is just a glorious, glorious thought. Dwell there, Debbie. Dwell on the thoughts of where she is NOW and how in a short while, you will be right there with her, dancing down those same golden streets! This life is a mere blip on the radar of eternity! :-) And Jesus himself promised that when we get home, there will be joy unspeakable. Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard...

    But we are here behind for a while, and we hurt for those we've lost. I lost my first cousin to a three year battle with cancer when he was only 19, and I was 15. So I am familiar with what your family is going through. He died of pneumonia he caught because he had no immune system left. He never complained once the whole time he was sick, and he was comforting all of us as he lay dying because he trusted so much in the Lord. I also lost both of my parents. The horrible thing is, my dad had prostate cancer which could have been treated had they caught it early enough. He made the mistake of asking a good friend that Daddy knew from work who was a shrink about some problems he was having that were prostate related, and the shrink laughed and said he was just getting older like the rest of them. When he finally told my BIL (who was a family doctor), he had it bad. But he fought the good fight, too. He was my hero along with my cousin Dave. Mama, too.

    Shortly before my mother died, I had a dream that Daddy had come to get her to take her on a picnic... or so he told me. She was looking off into the distance like she was dreaming of something wonderful. She looked So peaceful, Debbie. He put her suitcase and a picnic basket in the car, and I knew how happy they were to be going off together so I wished them well and told them to have fun. When I woke up, I wasn't sure the dream was from the Lord, but the more I thought about it, I think it was His way of letting me know they were fine and just going over a high hill to a city I could see in the distance where I would ond day join them. (continued)

  64. All of this seems so trivial to tell you when your heart is so heavy with loss, but I want to leave you with one last thing. My cousin is a minister, and I have heard him say this at several funerals. It's okay to weep because we've lost someone we love. Even Jesus wept. But as believers, we don't weep like those who have no hope. Because we KNOW that we have life eternal thanks to the Lord's sacrifice for us.

    Outside of watching the loving care that Trish took of her mother, DiDi, and the love that DiDi showered on Trish and every one of her friends in return, I have never seen such devoted care or a mother who loved a daughter more than you loved Amy. And Debbie, not only did Amy fight the good fight, you fought it right beside her. People all over the blog world have been watching and praying with you, but what we all know is what a warrior you are! It's okay to cry for a night (meaning a period of time), but remember, precious, that joy cometh in the morning!

    Another thing... one of my good friends from Mr. Magpie's office lost her only daughter in a car wreck. She told me when Mama died that I needed to remember something that someone had once told her, and it was this: Grief comes in waves. Sometimes they are gentle and just break around our ankles. Other times the waves come and knock us down. As with an undertow, allow the waves to crash over you and don't fight it. The more you fight, the more you will be dragged under by the undertow and even drowned by the waves. Eventually the water will pop you back up. As a water lover my whole life, we were always taught that about undertow, so I think it's a good analogy. Just don't short circuit your grief, but don't allow it rob you of your joy, either. There's a delicate balance. I guess the main thing is eyes on the Savior, shoulder to the wheel.

    We all long for the day when we, too, will be together with the Lord and our loved ones, and for the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant." I can hear him saying that about Amy, but I can also hear him saying that about Amy's precious mother. Well done, Debbie, no one could have loved a child more.

    Still standing with you in prayer...


    Sheila :-)

  65. One last thing... Mr. Magpie sends his love and deepest sympathy, too, as I know Trish and Adelaide will when they hear. XO, Sheila

  66. I am so sorry to hear about your Daughter. I will say a prayer and light a candle for you and your family.

    My heart goes out to you all.


  67. Love and hugs for you and your family

  68. I am so sorry for your loss. I know your heart is breaking. Amy definately fought so hard to have every moment she could with her family. Now the joy that comes is from knowing she is at peace and with her Lord. No more pain, no more suffering.

  69. I am so sorry for your loss. Take comfort in knowing she is no longer suffering. Your family is in my prayers. (((hugs))) God bless you and your family.

  70. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious daughter Amy.

    I believe the Lord was with Amy every step of the way during her illness and as she passed on. God loves His children so much that He is always with them no matter what is happening. And the best thing is she no longer suffers!!! Those times are in the past for her now. Praise the Lord for that!!!

    God is good and will take care of you and be with you and your family during this time of grief. God will hold you close and help you thru this time.

    Amy will live on thru your hearts.

    Extending comforting thoughts and prayers for your family today and in the coming days...


  71. Debbie, my sweet friend ~ Your daughter is now resting peacefully in the arms of Jesus ... I shed many tears for you, but am happy in her peace.

    Hugs of love, TTFN ~Marydon

  72. Dear Debbie and Amy,
    This is the first time I am writing to you. How lovely you looked in your Dorothy costume. The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorites too.
    You asked for a funny story. They seem to happen to me all the time.
    Most recently was when I went with my family to a Thai restaurant. The owner came by our table and was draped in several necklaces of gold. I commented on one not knowing for sure what it was. I asked "Is that a whistle?" He took it off and handed it to me and said, "No, it is not a whistle." I looked at it and realized that it was a private male appendage part. I turned all shades of red and I thought my husband was going to never stop laughing. He is having a good time all this week asking me "Is that a whistle?"
    My dear Amy, it will be a true gift when we meet each other some day in heaven. Blessings to you and your family.

  73. Debbie,

    I am overwhelmingly saddened by what you wrote in your updates. AND also amazingly grateful to all your loyal blogger friends who took time to comment lengthily, trying to cheer you up, sharing your griefs and here I am trying to be one of them.

    Yes, the sufferings we were made to go through is a TEST and tribulation for us from Allah and the more He is testing us, the stronger is His love towards us.

    From this end of the horizon and as a Muslim, I am praying for all your family members and especially for your beloved Amy.

    I too have daughters and a son... I could feel what you feel and I believe we all share the griefs with tears swelling in our eyes FOR U! Be strong Deb, hold on to your faith and pray for the best. The lights are still shining at the end of the tunnel.

    Very sorry I am unable to write something funny for you although I have... I am too much over taken by what I have read through these past few days.

    I must say, I am truly amazed that you still could post and share all these with us despite the condition you are facing. You are one brave and versatile lady Deb. I salute you.

    Cheer up and pray hard. He knows what's best for us all. Amin.

  74. Like so many others, I cannot think of anything funny. My heart is crying for you and your family! I pray God will give you His peace and will hold you in His arms of love. What a privilege we have as Christians to know we'll see our loved ones again. And you, Dear One, will see your precious Amy again and she will be well and happy and be the most perfect young lady she was created to be! I rejoice in that with you! Bless your heart.

  75. Debbie, this is my first time visiting your blog. I found you through Mary's Tea Cottage. My heart aches for you and your family, oh so much. But from reading your blog posts, I know you have such great faith in our Lord Jesus, and it makes my heart leap with joy to know your daughter is laughing and running into His arms, beautiful, healthy and whole. Bless you!

  76. Dear Debbie, My heart is breaking for you and your family. All of you continue to be in my prayers

  77. Debbie, I just can't think of anything to say that would be of any comfort at all. I can't pretend to know the pain you are in at this time. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you. Amy was such a beautiful person, and I know that Heaven is rejoicing at her homecoming. God Bless you all. Hugs, Marty

  78. I am so so sorry for the loss of your precious Amy. So many of us have been praying for her. And you know, of course, that we're still praying for you and the rest of the family that God will give you comfort. It is so comforting to know that Amy is now free of pain and waiting for the glorious reunion with you so many other loved ones.
    Hugs, blessings and prayers,

  79. Dear Debbie, just came from Holly's blog. I don't know what to say other than I am so very sorry and I know how very much dear Amy was a part of your life and she will continue to be, just now she is at home with God to watch over you all. So many of us here in blogland have come to love your precious Amy, and I know many hearts are grieving with you today dear friend,mine included, but at least she is no longer in pain, or nauseous, or sick, she is well and whole once again and when you get to where she is when your time comes, you will spend all of eternity with her, never to be apart again!

  80. Dearest Debbie,
    Sweet Lady...I only can say how very sorry I am for your loss at this time.
    My sympathies are with you.
    May God comfort you.

    d from homehaven

  81. Dear Debbie,
    I learned early this morning about Amy when I visited Penniwig's blog. I am so very sorry for your loss. It is reassuring to know that Amy's pain is over and you will see her again! We have been praying for you and will continue to do so. God bless you and your family. I pray you will all find comfort and peace in the arms of Jesus.

    Blessings and hugs,

  82. Dear Sweet Debbie, I just now found out about Sweet Amy. My eyes fill with tears for your loss and my heart sings praises she's no longer in pain. My thoughts and prayers have been with you through this journey and will continue to be. I pray you find comfort within the arms of Jesus and His words. Know she flies with angel's now and will continue to watch over you and your family... Many blessings and hugs ~lynne~

  83. Dear Sweet Debbie...

    No words...only praise as Amy is pain free and with Jesus.

    My thoughts are now turning completely to you...if I can do anything...anything at all, please let me know.

    Steve and I so want to be there for you.

    The bells are RINGING LOUDLY IN HEAVEN! Another Child of God has COME HOME! You not only have an angel on your front porch, you also have an extra special one now in heaven.

    Hallelujah! Praise the Lamb...

    Love, Rebecca

  84. Sweet sweet Debbie,
    I have been thinking about you and Amy and although I've been away from blogland far too long, I wanted to see how you were.... and here I am with a heavy heart to hear your news and typing through tear filled eyes. My prayers and my thoughts are with you and your family right now. I have no other words but wanted to leave you with this song from David M. Bailey because I know that your comfort comes in knowing Amy is dancing with the angels. Much love to you, Teresa aka Eclectic Pink Rose

    Her favorite color was green
    That's about all that I know
    Except she knew the Lord Loved her -
    her Bible told her so.

    She swam in an ocean of laughter
    She danced in a desert of grace
    The way she loved those around her
    Was written all over her face

    I was there the morning she left us
    I heard every tear that was shed
    I wanted to ask God the reason
    But I asked him what now instead

    What now, God would you have us say?
    What now, God would you have us do?
    Wasn't it clear she was faithful?
    Wasn't that enough for you?

    God said, how could you ask such a question? Surely the answer is clear?
    Do I have to paint you a picture?
    Is it not enough I am here?

    I said God, that's not what I meant
    But she was just too young to die
    God said I know what you mean - Remember I watched my son cry
    I said yes, but at least your boy is with you
    God said right, and now so is she
    I set her a place at my table
    and man, you should see that girl eat

    In fact, I wish you could see her smiling
    then you'd know she feels right at home
    She's been telling the angels about you
    Just so you won't feel alone

    Her favorite color was green
    That's my favorite too
    She's already sliding down rainbows
    Right between yellow and blue© 2009 david m. bailey

  85. Debbie,
    I am so sorry for your loss, I just learned of it from Sandi@MyYellowDoor. Amy is now dancing and singing God's praises with our Lord and Savior, Jesus, and I pray that you will find solace there.


  86. so sorry she is an angel..

  87. Dearest Debbie
    Tear's fall for your dear girl, Amy who I and so many have come to love.
    I am so very very sorry for your loss.
    Our prayers are for you and your family.
    I believe...because the Word says. we have an ever lasting home else were,"with no more pain nor tears"...
    My arms are around you my dear

  88. Debbie, I am so very, very sorry for your loss. We all know that your Angel Amy now is in the wonderful Arms of our Lord, Jesus... You and your family will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers... I only got to know Amy and you from visiting daily on your blog, starting not very long ago, but I sure came to love Amy and you so very much!!


  89. Debbie, just dropping by to give you and your family my sympathy. I think yours and Amy's faith has touched so many people. I know you must miss her terribly. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.


  90. Oh, Debbie -- my heart is aching for you, and my tears are flowing, along with the tears of so many tonight in our blogging community. I don't have words to express my sympathy for you.

    Your words, above, about being with our children, about attending all their events -- oh my how that speaks to me.

    You will see your little girl again, restored to glorious health, but oh -- what a painful wait for you. I cannot imagine what a terrible path you have walked, but I rejoice that you have walked with Jesus at your side.

    God bless and keep you, my friend, and may He give you the peace that passes understanding.

    With love, and tears,

  91. My Dear Debbie;;; I am so very sorry to hear of you loss.. My deep heart felt prayers are will each and every one of you.. May the Lord wrap his Loving Arms around you all and give you strength and peace during this time. I know what you are going through,,, I have lost a daughter yrs. ago, she was just 17, but she is with the Lord and we will see her again, and that does help knowing that..... My heart aches for you and your family... God Bless you all;


  92. My dear sweet heart goes out to you. I feel your pain and am praying for you in all the many days ahead. Grieving is hard work, but we must go through it...there are many many phases. There will be sunshine after the dark days, be assured.There will be sunshine DURING the dark days. God is with you and will never leave you. I love you. Your sweet girl is at peace now, and pain free. I'm here for you in any way that you need me. God bless you and hold you close.

  93. Bless you, sweetie. I will never forget her journey. I wish you all the peace and love you could possibly hold. You are a beautiful mother, forever. ((( hugs )))

  94. My Dear Sweet Debbie. :(
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and her family. My heart is heavy today. We don't understand why we go thru tribulations on this earthly life. One thing we are certain of is that our Heavenly Father is with us until the end of time. I'm in tears again here. My prayers are with you. Big Big hugs from Texas.

  95. Dear Debbie, I'm so sorry about your beautiful daughter's passing. I will keep you and your family, in my thoughts and prayers. Sending a hug, Paulette

  96. I am so very, very sorry for the loss of your precious Amy. I will keep you and your family tucked into my Good Night Prayers. Rest peacefully, Miss Amy. God bless.

  97. Debbie I am so sorry for your loss. Amy Dawn fought a couragious battle. Take solace in the thought she is now singing with the angels and she surely has her wings. Big hugs and lots of prayers for you and your family,

  98. Debbie, I just wanted to let you know that my heart aches for your loss. No words can try to express how I feel for you and your family at this time. As so many have said Amy has her wings and has flown to another home she loved so dearly where there is no pain only the purest love♥ I am praying for all Amy's family and friends. Please may God help to heal all the pain and heartache. May the love of family and friends help you during the time ahead. My thoughts and prayers are being sent to you all. Please God bless and fold your loving arms around Amy's loved ones. ♥ Linda

  99. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  100. Dearest Debbie - my entire family and friends have asked me to tell you that they are praying for ALL of you (I had let them know and asked them all to pray). My mom and sister Denice especially wanted you to know you were in their prayers. As I think about this I start to cry all over again. I know God has Amy and you and Peggy & your entire family - especially Richie. And while I cannot imagine the difficulty of this as a parent - I cannot imagine losing my sister either as Richie has - and I grieve and pray for him especially. Please know that I am constantly lifting you up in prayer.

    On a different note - I also just want to share an amazing thing I saw. I know that as you walk this out - you are unaware of what is happening here in blogland - but as time and God and healing allow - you will read all your blog posts and God will use these words, these folks, these testimonies as a balm too to touch and heal your pain.

    This morning I saw that I had like 10 people pop over to my little unknown blog from yours. I got to thinking about that and came to see if you had updated or how they could even know that I'd written about Amy. Then I saw your blog list - and Debbie there are almost a dozen people who have written amazingly touching tributes and testimonies of Amy and her walk.

    Her life has impacted so very many through your blog. When you began all those months ago after seeing mine - who would have thought what God was going to do. Your words have changed lives. Your walk, Amy's walk and that of your entire family have touched lives. The ripples are still flowing out through your desire to please God hear. Your daughter inherited that desire to please God by your walk, by the walk of your mom, Peggy. I see the beauty of the blessings that flow out from your family. I know personally how that beauty has affected my family - Jay and I. Because of your mother's love for Patricia - Jay and I are here. It is rippling. Because of what God did that day we sat and testified of His love and Power in Pat's living room - we are here. Because of your faith in God - your daughter had faith. Ripples.

    I pray encouragement on you, on Richard, on Richie and his family, on your mother and dad and upon Sherry's family. I pray for God to use this ALL for His good. I pray that as more and more testify of your precious daughter's valant walk and fight - that many will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. That the ripples will continue to the fourth and fifth generation - and continually as Amy worships the King of Kings - she will hear "well done thy good and faithful servant."

    As the ripples go through blogland - I pray that you each will feel God's love, His healing balm, and His presence!! And as the ripples go throughout Oklahoma and the world - I pray You will have and experience His PERFECT peace.

    I love you.


  101. Matthew 25:21~"His Lord said to him (AMY), 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your LORD.'

    The investments Amy made with her talents while here on this earth, will continue to bring many dividends into the kingdom of God.

    May the peace of God surround you and your family today,and please know we are continually praying for you.
    All my love,

  102. Like everyone here, my heart is heavy.
    I will continue to lift you and your family up as you go forward. How blessed you are to have sweet memories of your sweet girl and most of all, the assurance that she has joined the Heavenly choir of angels...God is fulfilling His great promise to your baby girl. It almost takes your breath away. He is so good.

  103. Thinking of you with love and prayers.

  104. I visited your sister's blog this morn. and saw that Amy had passed away. I am so sorry for your loss, but I'm glad she is not in pain any more.
    She has touched so many people through blog land. What a strong, sweet gal she was.
    My thoughts are with your family.

  105. Godspeed, Amy Dawn ... Godspeed. You are with all of the angels in heaven looking down on us with love.

  106. Debbie, I'm sending my thoughts and my prayers to you and your family. I know that Amy is not in pain any longer, and I know that, because of her faith, she is in a better place. Knowing those things does not erase the fact that she will be terribly missed by her family and friends. Please know that we, who have come to "know" her through your writing, will also miss her. God bless you sweet Debbie. With love, laurie

  107. Aloha,
    I am so sorry to hear about Amy, I just found your blog and will have to read back . I can feel your tender spirit, yet I can also sense such strength , courage, and peace. Lifting you in prayer and leave a special blessing in Hawaiian when we say..

    Aloha ke Akua.. Means God Be With You!!

  108. Praying for you and your family. How comforting to know that Amy is no longer suffering.

  109. Debbie - My heart goes out to you and your family. The Lord must have had special plans for Amy to take her home at such a young age. You are such a special lady and has well earned your spot in Heaven alongside Amy.
    I was so happy to hear Amy liked the photo of Louis I sent to her...your sweet girl will be in my thoughts and prayers for a long time!

  110. Hello Debbie,
    I, for some reason , (only the Lord knows why) found this blog an hour ago. I read all about your Amy and your battle, while tears ran down my face. Life is a gift, time is so important. I just wanted to share with you that when I lost both my parents with in four months of each other, I read in the word the most peaceful thing that really blessed me. Remember in you blog when you just did not under stand why some suffer and others just pass. I read that only ,ONLY through our suffering do we become like Christ. This gave me such comfort. As I looked back and thought of my mother lying there suffering........ I know I am at peace to know that not through our thoughts, words, or deeds can we become be Like Christ but only through suffering. I now look back and those visions are like watching a caterpillar turn to a butterfly. I pray and hope that this will help you see Amy's suffering in a new way. I pray this will give you peace. Amy is the lucky one for she is where we all long to be. We all know how the story ends, what we all live for. We will all be together again soon. For we do live in the last days and our Savior is coming for us all very soon.Your longing to see your Amy will be here before you know it. COME LORD JESUS COME! May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand! paula

  111. big tight long HUG! Debbie i am so sorry, my heart aches for you. oh how i wish i could think of something funny to share, besides this silly joke that really needs audio buti will try...
    what do you get when you cross a brown chicken with a brown cow? (here's where audio would help, cause it is suppose to sound like some kind of porn music) the answer is Brownchicken, browncowwww.
    stay strong, my friend, Amy is with the Lord now and no longer in pains. My continued prayers are sent for you and Richie also. HUGS!

  112. Sweetie, all I can think of now is that I am SO sorry for you loosing dear Amy.
    Many hugs and prayers to you and your family.

    Love from Marian from the Netherlands

  113. Debbie, You gave Amy all the love and care that anyone could have in her greatest time of human need. Now the Lord will care for her until you get there....

    deepest sympathy and warmest thoughts. Dixie

  114. Sweet Debbie,
    I tried to put this poem on the obituary, but it wouldn't let me so I am sending it to you with the greatest of love and hope that it will give you some comfort. We love you all!
    Comfort from Him

    Did you ever feel like you have been cheated and treated unfair?
    Did you think that you were in the depths of despair?
    Did someone treat you unkind even when you were full of love?
    Did you cry to the Father above?

    Jesus understands because he went through all the above.
    For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten son.
    The Father knew the Son would have to suffer and die.
    For sins he did not commit, he was tried.

    He was punished on a splintered cross.
    Men, who he would forgive, his clothes did toss.
    Those whom he loved would deny him.
    The people yelled, Crucify Him!

    Sweet little Jesus boy who we sing about at Christmas time…
    He gave us love, forgiveness and did not commit a crime.
    He was tried like a thief, and the prophecies of old were fulfilled.
    His body was not broken, He gave up his will.

    He did this for you and me and we need to remember
    On days when the evil one want us to surrender
    Do not give in, but in his hand, put your heart
    Jesus’ love has the power, comfort, protection and will never depart.

    -Nancy M. Allen – March 2009-

  115. Dear Debbie,
    My love and prayers are with you and your family. I am comforted in knowing that dear Amy is no longer suffering and is with the Angels. You have been so strong during this long ordeal. Please take care of yourself and know that we are all thinking of you and praying for you.


  116. Dear Debbie
    After reading your post, I can't think of anything funny right now. I am a little choked up thinking of what your family is going through and thinking about my children and grandchildren and how precious they all are. I am praying for the Lord to send you sweet comfort at this time knowing that without a doubt, you will see Amy again one day without any sickness or pain.
    Hugs, Ann

  117. Been thinking of you and your family all weekend.

  118. Debbie,

    My mother said goodnight to this world of ours on Aug.21, 2008 and awakened into a glorious life beyond our comprehension. The Lord filled my days for weeks with little love gifts to carry me through. I believe that He will also do this for you.

    I can't imagine what you're feeling, as I lived on being the daughter without her mother. The first year was amazingly filled with high's and low's but always growing moments. Grief is not what I would have thought it to have been...not having ever experienced a loss such as that of the amazing woman who carried me, birthed me, taught me and loved me more than any other on this earth ever could.

    Bless you, sweet Debbie. May our Loving Father wrap you with peace, comfort, treasured moments of life and beauty; from His own heart to yours.

    Love to you in big abundance.
    ~Heather in Vermont

  119. Just wanted to stop by to let you know my prayers are with you and your family. I heard the news at Fairy Footprints. It is hard for those left behind, but you have the absolute assurance that you will see one another again, in the presence of the Lord! She is wrapped in His arms right now waiting for you all to join them!!

  120. You have been in my thoughts and prayers all weekend. May God keep you close as you go through this time Debbie - you and your family.

  121. I am just so very, very sorry Debbie......

  122. I am sorry for your loss, but I rejoice with you that you will see Amy again. She is dancing, and in perfect, radiant health right now. I pray God will help you to see her like that every moment, and will ease your pain at her passing.

  123. Debbie, I am back by here to let you know that I am really thinking of you and hoping so much that you are getting some much deserved, much needed rest. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I will be with you in spirit tomorrow.

    Much love...



  124. We have all been blessed by Amy's sojourn here on Earth Dearest Debbie. I mourn with you and your family.I will never forget her and I will continue to pray for you and always you are in my thoughts.

  125. Sweet Debbie....

    My heart is breaking for you....I don't even know what to say. I'm praying for all of you...

    And, sending hugs,

    God bless you....


  126. Dear Debbie.. Just want you to know my heart and thoughts are with you today. May God bless you and comfort you. Love and hugs.. ~tina

  127. Dear Debbie: I am praying that God sends you peace and comfort and that the time comes soon when you can think of your sweet Amy without tears in your heart. I just lost my dear husband to cancer and I know the road is rough, but God gives us good shoes to walk it.
    Susan @ Blackberry Creek

  128. I just burst into tears when I read the post at Sherry's! I got very ill Sunday morning when we were packing up to come home from camping. I did not get to check e-mails,blogs, etc. till late and this morning went to Sherry's blog. I know it is so peaceful for Amy now but we will all miss her tremendous courage. "she fought the good fight". Hugs and all our love, Bill and Kerrie Marquart

  129. i am so sorry for your loss. that is something i cannot even comprehend. you sound like you are an amazing mother and have no regrets because you participated fully in a life cut short. my prayers and thoughts are with you.

  130. Dearest Debbie~
    I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    With all my heart~

  131. There are no words to describe how special a daughter and only child can be. I can only say that our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time, and everything else rests in his hands to comfort you.

  132. Debbie, it's the night of the 27th, and I want you to know I have thought of you all day long and have prayed for you, too, precious. I wish I could be there for you so much, but please know I'm here praying.



  133. Debbie, please know that I'm thinking of you and your family all the time. I'm so sorry about your loss.



  134. I am so sorry that Amy did not get her miracle, but one can never know what God has in mind, just that He knows best. Praying for you and your family in your time of loss. Amy, for her too-short life, has left a remarkable impression on many people, include countless numbers who never met her personally. So have you. May God bless you both for eternity.

  135. I love you and have you in my heart and prayers.

  136. Oh, honey, there are no words that can help how you feel right now. I have only got a glimps of what your pain is when I lost my friend when I was nine, she was eight, to cancer. But noone can understand exactly what YOU are going threw except God. I will say a prayer for you and just know you are loved.

  137. My heart is breaking for you and your family. Prayers are going up in Georgia for you all.

  138. Dear Debbie and Family,
    I also and sending you my prayers. When I read your posts...I just start crying. Your strenght from God during this time is a blessing to others.
    May you feel God's loving arms around you and feel His Peace during this time.
    It's a wonder thing to know that your darling daughter, Amy is with the Lord in Heaven.

  139. Debbie darling, my heart is breaking for you and your family. I can't imagine what you are going through. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I feel as if I too have lost a friend, I felt so close to her through these blogs. Amy is now pain free and with our Lord. Darling, I am here for you.


  140. There are so many comments, I don't know if you'll ever read mine...and that's okay. But if if you do, know that you and your family are certainly in my prayers. Amy and I were the same age. I have no children of my own, but I certainly do love all my nieces and nephews as though they were my own children. But she's not in pain anymore. Maybe she will meet my wonderful grandmother in heaven. She passed away in 1998 after six years of heart problems at the young age of 62. I miss her dearly, and I know you will always miss Amy. May God's comfort surround all of you at this time. (I heard through

  141. ♥Thinkin of you...and keeping you all in my prayers♥

  142. I am praying for your comfort and strength. Love,Debbie

  143. Just stopping in to let you know you remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  144. Hello Debbie... thank you for stopping by to tell me about Amy... I am thrilled that she is no longer in pain and free to soar in the heavens. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  145. Hi Debbie,

    Sending you love and hugs from Colorado Springs.

    May the peace of God cover you.

  146. Debbie, thank you for your gracious invitation (I am one of the "Faded Ladies". I am so glad you visited our page otherwise I would not have know about your beautiful AMY. I am so sorry for your loss and anything said at times like these seems so trite. As a mother who has lost an adult child, I don't know exactly how you feel, but I certainly can relate to what you are feeling. I am honored to here to meet you and to call you "friend".
    Praise God for all the ministering angels you mentioned in your blogs. How wonderful to have them around when you so need them.
    God bless you! HUGS!!!

  147. Hi Debbie, Thanks for writing me. I am so sorry about Amy. I did not know her, but like I told Becca, I have a good friend who has breast cancer which has spread to her bones. I worry so much about her. Please pray for Susan.

    I also lost a brother to cancer in 1985 This disease is HORRIBLE...

    I can tell that your faith has gotten you through all of this --and that you know that Amy is NOW free of cancer and in a better place. However, you will miss her terribly --and will always keep her memory alive.

    I read your profile--and we have some things in common, one of them being Fox News. Let's continue to chat.

    Love, Prayers and Sympathies,

  148. One is never ready for death when it visits--even when expected. My heart and prayers go out to you. It has been a few years since our own darling younger brother flew away to heaven--I too wonder if perhaps these two met in the clouds, twirling in the flowers and laughing through the golden gates of heaven...

  149. Debbie,
    I will be sending you a card in the old fashioned mail but just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking of you and praying for you, I have not forgot you. She is home today, just like Dorothy.

  150. Thinking of you today and Amy and how she like Halloween so much. love and hugs, Chatty

  151. Debbie,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I pray that the Lord will give your dear Amy comfort and peace. My heart aches for you.

  152. This is heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  153. I'm so sorry...I am praying for you and your family. XOXO

  154. I did not know Amy, except through blog friends. I prayed for her many times. God in His mercy, finally healed her. I will pray now for you and yours. Blessings of comfort, Martha

  155. I am saying a special prayer for your Amy, may God grant her the courage to see it through and God bless you.

  156. ((((((Debbie))))))

    I am so so sorry.

    God Bless Amy.


  157. OH Debbie I just found your blog. I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family. God Bless..........EACH and EVERY one of you. And God Bless AMY she is truely your Angel and always will be. HUGS


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