Friday, February 27, 2009


Yesterday I had the honor to ride with my Daddy to Oklahoma City to go to the huge VA Clinic.

If you have never been to the Veterans should really find someone who is going and make the trip with them.

It is an awesome experience of how our "HEROES" return from fighting for our ~freedom. I came away with a collage of different haunting eyes that each told a story of survival. Some of the eyes were full of pain, some had rage, and some were numbed long ago by substance abuse.

Even so each one told their own story of survival...of coping the best they could. Some without a limb...some on crutches...many in wheel chairs with oxygen...all making their way down long corridors that all look alike and people rushing too and fro. It was like being in a little mini city.

In my case Daddy had been there many, many times and he knew right where to go. Our purpose for the trip there was to be fitted for a new pair of diabetic shoes. You can have 2 pair a year and Daddy had worn the pair he had on for two years.

Daddy is legally deaf as a result of artillery fire from the Korean War. Mother had to work yesterday and so I went with Daddy. He needs someone to help communicate for him...He can read our lips but not strangers....but sometimes he can catch every other word. I know when he doesn't understand because he will say, "Yeah," and shake his head and he didn't understand a word anyone said.

He received his shoes. They went up a 1/2 size because the other pair showed signs of his toe being right up against the toe of the shoe...that is not good!

We had a nice lunch on the way home and I could not get the camera out of my purse in time,to photograph about 30 beautiful turkeys that ran out out in front of us.

Thank You as always for spending a part of your valuable day with me. I appreciate you.







  1. There is something unique about a car trip with someone. There you are enjoying all the beautiful nature that God has provided for us and conversations just commence. I am so grateful for the quick handling of your Daddy's pickup, so thankful all were safe and God decided to let us have you a bit longer.. Love, Cindy

  2. What a great thing, getting to spend the day with your Daddy!

  3. Oh what a blessing to get to spend some special time with your Dad. I always loved the time my dad and I were together. Since he's gone, I have wonderful memories that I call on frequently to remind me of how great I thought he was. I'm sure you feel the same way about your dad. Hugs, Marty

  4. How sweet to spend time with your dad. It reminded me of my times with my dad, He went to be with the lord May 16, 2008, he was such a good daddy. Hug and kiss him often, and tell him all the time you love him. Regina

  5. How sweet of you to take your father! That was a very nice story. My father passed away last May and I so miss him. He was such a good father. THanks for visiting my blog!! Hope you have a great weekend. My hubby is in the army on active duty now so your words about the veterans were very nice as well!

  6. Debbie... just dropping by to let you know I was thinking of you. How wonderful to still have your Daddy with you... I lost mine to cancer when he was only 46... but he is still with me... you know...

    anyway... enjoyed this post and your pink Saturday post. have a wonderful week... see you on Wordless Wednesday! hugs. Dixie


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